Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

Campaigners have warned local residents about the full impact a key junction on the HS2 scheme in Lichfield could have on their lives.

A plot of land just north of the A38 at Streethay to a point just west of East Hill and Fradley Business Park has been earmarked to allow a high speed rail track to rejoin the West Coast Main Line at Hanch. A second track would take 250mph trains to Manchester.

Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

Representatives of the Whittington and Lichfield Stop HS2 Action Group were shown the plans at a recent community forum, where it was also revealed that the junction will form part of Phase One of HS2 – despite not being part of last year’s consultation on the project.

The viaduct taking HS2 over the West Coast Man Line, the South Staffordshire Line and the A38 will continue on to an embankment which will be up to 14.4 metres above the existing ground level in the vicinity of the junction.

A spokesman for the campaigners said: “When you add the height of the trains and the electricity-bearing structure there will be an eyesore approaching 20 metres high just a few hundred yards from Lichfield.

“At the junction the line will be four-tracked and one of those tracks will carry trains accelerating up to 250mph while the other will have trains braking from 250mph to slow down for rejoining the West Coast Main Line.

“The visual and noise impacts on a quiet rural area which acts as a buffer between Fradley Park and Lichfield will be horrendous. Up to 14 trains an hour each way will be running at high speed on a viaduct and an embankment over 14 metres high – and all this within view and hearing of thousands of people in an area noted for its tranquility.

“It is completely unacceptable that we were not consulted over this proposal and we will continue to make our opposition clear. But we believe that it is up to everyone in Lichfield, in Whittington, in Fradley and in all surrounding villages to make their opposition clear.

“Write to Michael Fabricant and Transport Secretary Justin Greening, and join Whittington and Lichfield District Stop HS2 as we fight to stop this white elephant.”

Lichfield MP Mr Fabricant has already called for an inquiry into the financial plan behind HS2, while a legal challenge by local authorities – including Lichfield District Council – is set to be heard in December.


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  1. It is completely unacceptable that we were not consulted over this proposal

    One assumes you mean “consulted in advance of the schemes proposals being put forward” – and let’s suppose local residents (I’m still struggling to understand how an area noted for its tranquility can also boast thousands of people living in the vicinty?) had been consulted in advance – what do you think their general response might have been – something along the lines of “anywhere but near us!” by any chance?

    According to this URL the site in question has an industrial estate for its neighbour, so hardly what one might describe as a site of outstanding natural beauty?

    Seems to me that campaigners are kicking up a storm because they understand how proximity to the new rail line might have a negative impact on local residential property prices – that sounds like a more credible explanation?

  2. You need a reality check. Take a look at the area. It already has a main line railway, a de facto motorway, a factory estate and an old airfield. I did not see Lichfield residents complain when the A38 bypass or western ring road was built. And the complainants from Boley Park are sitting on former green belt in their executive homes.

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