Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

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Lichfield’s MP has called on the Secretary of State for Transport to halt progress on HS2 while alternative routes are considered. Reports in the national media suggested the proposed make-up of the line could be altered if a report recommends the creation of a third runway at Heathrow.
Michael Fabricant MP
Michael Fabricant has now written to Patrick McLoughlin to urge him to take action. “Patrick McLoughlin is a no nonsense politician as has been demonstrated over his decision on the West Coast Main Line franchise,” he said. “Having worked closely with him over a number of years in the Government Whips’ Office, he is very aware of the issues facing Lichfield and HS2. With news that he might also taking a similarly practical approach regarding the possible integration of Heathrow and HS2, now was the time to write.” In his letter, Mr Fabricant outlines a number of concerns about the proposed route, saying that it “seems to have been designed to be as damaging to the environment as it possibly can”.


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3 replies on “Lichfield’s MP calls on Transport Secretary to force HS2 route rethink”

  1. Wise to be cautious with many livelihoods and lives being impacted.

    Trunk road route selection is undertaken with different levels of experience to the embryonic HS2 Limited 2009 to 2011 groups. The project at that stage required local knowldge and inputs/participation from County and Local Authorities to test the assumptions and the route sections, to add new sections and remove some. The UK can designate routes and has more experience with roads than railways. HS1 CTRL was a long period iterative stop restart approach that enabled signficant changes to take place, not the bit by bit changes to route 3 which could have been deemed preferred too soon, especially when based on one track in each direction.

  2. Well what a surprise – after Ms Gillan is first out of the blocks, yet another bandwagon jumping opportunist MP!

    HS2 planning and strategy will be robustly challenged by both the Judicial Review (scheduled for early Dec 2012) and the Hybrid Bill legislative process (Oct 2013 – Jan 2015)

    No need to fret Mr. Fabricant, you’ve made your very public plea to satisfy your constituency based audience so you can now rest easy and allow matters to take their proper course?

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