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Lichfield loses Hammerwich to Tamworth in election boundary changes

Voters in Hammerwich are set to have a say on who is Tamworth’s MP rather than Lichfield’s after confirmation of plans for a change in election boundaries.

Challenges had been made to the proposals – which will see Haywood & Hixon transferred from the Stafford constituency into Lichfield – but the Boundary Commission has rejected any revisions.

Their had been a suggestion that Whittington would be better suited in the Tamworth voting area than Hammerwich, but this idea was also thrown out.

Hammerwich. Pic: <a title="View profile" href="">Geoff Pick</a> and licensed for reuse under this <a href="" rel="license">Creative Commons Licence</a>

Hammerwich. Pic: Geoff Pick and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Lichfield’s MP Michael Fabricant has said that while he understands the need for change, he is disappointed by the news.

“I did not want to lose any part of my Lichfield constituency having close ties in both Hammerwich and Whittington,” he explained. “It is unfortunate that a change has to be made at all, but I recognise that the numbers just don’t stack up.

“Tamworth is too small and needs an extra ward to keep its numbers up and by removing a ward from Lichfield, we will need an extra ward to keep our numbers up. It is only right that Parliamentary constituencies should all have roughly the same number of constituents and the rule is that this should be plus or minus five per cent of the average – around 76,000 voters per MP.

“But with the Liberal Democrats now saying they will vote against this measure and Labour saying the same – as it gives them a political advantage in urban seats where there are currently more Labour MPs per head of population – all this could be academic.

“The vote on boundary changes will be taken in the House of Commons around about July, September, or October next year. If the vote is defeated, the next General Election will be fought on existing boundaries.”

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  1. Ashleigh Coleridge

    17th October, 2012 at 1:35 am

    In my opinion our MP is so bad he doesn’t deserve any constituents at all (look at his voting or speaking record), I expect the only reason he’s interested in this issue is because he’s directly affected.

  2. plop

    30th October, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    “I recognise that the numbers just don’t stack up”

    perhaps if we had an electoral system that actually represented the people properly instead of having safe seats this wouldn’t be a problem

    any vote in lichfield that isn’t for conservatives is completely ignored and that happens in most of the country. millions of votes mean nothing because of the pathetic system we have

    meanwhile, fabricant carries on talking without actually saying anything but even more so now that he is out of government