Lichfield Trent Valley railway station. Pic: Matt Thorpe

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The issue of disabled access at Lichfield Trent Valley Railway Station has been raised in a House of Commons debate.
Michael Fabricant MP at Lichfield Trent Valley
Michael Fabricant MP raised concerns that uncertainty over the future of the West Coast Main Line could have an impact on improvement schemes to stations along the line. He told the Secretary of State for Transport that Trent Valley was “badly in need of improvements for disabled access”. In reply, Patrick McLoughlin said: “I hope we see no delays in investments as a result.” Speaking after the discussion, Mr Fabricant said he intended to continue the fight for improvements at the station. “Disabled access at Lichfield Trent Valley railway station is a disgrace,” he said. ” Apart from access to the line north to Crewe, it is non-existent. “If you are wheelchair-bound, it is impossible to travel east to Lichfield City and Birmingham or down to London from this station. “This was just a brief mention. I intend to keep raising this matter in the Commons until the problem is addressed and rectified.”


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