Maddy Prior

Folk music legend Maddy Prior took her audience on a magical mystery tour of world music when her latest project performed at Lichfield’s Guildhall.

Maddy Prior

With accompaniment from singers and multi instrumentalists Giles Lewin on Violin, bagpipe and recorder,and Hannah James on Accordion, and clog dancing. The trio performed music from Ireland, England, the Borders, Bulgaria, and Canada in a set that also encompassed Chinese dance and song from two guest performers, and clog dancing.

They started with an acappella reading of The Brisk Young Widow with its close harmony sound showing the perfect blend of the three voices, while The Collier was a love song with a stronger beat. The Black Leg Miner was a minor tonality narrative story, while Daker’s Gone To War’ explored similar territory.

Isabel and Lock the Door in Lavistone were story songs that explored both love, and the dangers that the Border Reiver’s posed to farmers and families. A Bagpipe tune Oh my Nanny explored a more melancholic mood and The Raiders closed the first half.

The second half saw the trio leave the country, and head for foreign climes.

Russia was represented by Naah de nah with its simple, but haunting refrain, while An Underling World/The Plain Bolga were Bulgarian songs. The Appalachian genre provided Factory Girl and Wondrous Love.

The trio returned to these sceptred isles for The Doffing Mistress, The Servant Girl’s Holiday and the encore of Of all the Birds.