Pilgrim's Way

An award-winning, fast-rising folk trio played for an enthusiastic audience when Pilgrim’s Way appeared at Lichfield’s Guildhall.

The group, comprising lead singer, violinist and Jew’s harp player, Lucy Wright, Edwin Beasant on melodeons, concertina and guitar, and Tom Kitching on fiddle, mandolin and vocals played an action-packed concert with music taken from many disparate traditions.

Pilgrim’s Way

They started with The Light Dragoon, which featured lively violin, while The Handweaver and the Factory Maid was a song about love going wrong. Come Write Me Down and True Lover John were further woe-filled tales of disaster, but the traditional Adieu Lovely Nancy was a fine treatment that gave full rein to the trio’s talents.

The second set saw some more upbeat music being played, ranging from Martimas time and Les Barker’s Maybe Then I’ll Be A Rose.

There was a solo feature for Jew’s harp in My Love is an American and Alfaz Del Pi was a mysterious, Russian sounding theme, while the band’s signature tune A Pilgrim’s Way saw Rudyard Kipling’s well known poem married into a fitting tune.

The set finished with the upbeat Framus/Jig Iolo a fast upbeat reel, powered along by the trance like rhythms of the guitars and Jew’s harp. An equally upbeat, but unnamed piece served as an encore.