One of the new Staffordshire Hoard items. Pic: Vivienne Bailey

More gold and silver items have been found in a Hammerwich field where the Staffordshire Hoard was unearthed.

Archaeologists working for Staffordshire County Council and English Heritage made the discovery when they revisited the site three years on after the field was ploughed.

One of the new Staffordshire Hoard items. Pic: Vivienne Bailey
Around 90 items have been discovered, with items including parts of a helmet cheek piece, a cross-shaped mount and an eagle-shaped mount uncovered.

Staffordshire County Council leader Philip Atkins said: “The Staffordshire Hoard was an amazing discovery, and together with our partners, we have been immensely proud to play our part in helping to discover and tell the story of a collection of such international importance.

“The ploughing of the same field has unearthed a small number of other gold and silver finds. While it is far too early to say exactly what they are, or how old they are, they are certainly interesting finds.

“We will now have to wait for the inquest, to discover if the objects are a significant part of our national history.”

South Staffordshire Coroner Andrew Haigh will rule at an inquest on January 4 if the metalwork pieces are part of the Anglo Saxon collection and should be declared treasure.


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