Lichfield Trent Valley railway station. Pic: Matt Thorpe

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Lichfield’s MP has described plans for an upgrade to Lichfield Trent Valley Station as “excellent news”.
Lichfield Trent Valley railway station. Pic: Matt Thorpe
The Minister of State for Rail, Simon Burns, has confirmed that the current building will be replaced as part of an £800,000 scheme. Mr Burns said: “We are aware that there is strong public support for improvements at this station in light of its current condition and the significant growth in passenger usage.” However, the plans have drawn some criticism as they will not include the much-called for installation of lifts to allow disabled passengers to access all three platforms. But Michael Fabricant MP, who welcomed the new investment, admitted he would continue pushing for further improvements to the station. “Lichfield Trent Valley has been a disgrace for too long and these improvements will be good news for commuters and other rail users,” he explained. “However, I will continue to press for the station to be upgraded to enable disabled passengers to access all three platforms – this is a busy station on the West Coast Main Line. “I also continue to monitor the performance of London Midland trains and their unreliability of service. I have raised the issue with ministers verbally, by letter and by Parliamentary Questions. They too are fully aware of this issue.”


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6 replies on “Lichfield Trent Valley Station upgrade is excellent news, says city’s MP”

  1. Brilliant – spend £800,000 and still manage to prevent those passengers unable to negotiate two steep flights of steps from travelling by train.

    On the day the Government manages to alienate disabled people with changes to DLA, they once again manage to send out all the wrong messages.

    But LTV is not just off limits to the disabled, those with young families and the elderly find negotiating the various platforms too much. It is crazy to “upgrade” a station and spend so much money without addressing the major issue.

  2. Disgraceful…a lift or ramp is desperately needed.

    I was traveling with my 1 yr old twins and had no access off the platform, I had to ask other passengers to help me carry my double pushchair idown.

    It was very stressful!!!

  3. what? No lift? What access will there be? I hate to agree with Mr Nak, but he’s right. DDA must have something on this! Surely this can’t be right.

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