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Lichfield’s MP calls for action over London Midland train services

Lichfield’s MP has called on the Government to do more to improve the performance of a rail operator.

Michael Fabricant tackled transport minister Norman Baker about the performance of London Midland services in the region.

Mr Baker told the House of Commons that his department was “continually assessing” the train firm’s performance.

“London Midland’s performance between September and December breached its contractual benchmark,” said the minister.

“The Department [for Transport] has therefore negotiated measures with London Midland to ensure that a reliable passenger service is restored, as well as a £7million package of benefits of passengers.”

However, Lichfield’s MP insisted more needed to be done.

He told the House: “If there have been improvements, most of my constituents have not really noticed them.

“They have been stranded at Four Oaks—and believe me, Mr Speaker, you would not want to be stranded at Four Oaks — hanging around for an hour and a half waiting for another London Midland train to take them back to Lichfield.

“How bad does it actually have to get before the Minister decides to take away the licence and readvertise the contract?”

The minister insisted he would “try not to be stuck at Four Oaks” and added that it was “up to London Midland to sort it out on behalf of the taxpayer”.

He also revealed that the company was expected to make losses for the remainder of the franchise.

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1 Comment

  1. plop

    18th January, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Words. Meaningless words that are just Fabricant’s way of making it look like he’s actually doing something.

    Fact is, he loves the franchise system because he’s a Conservative – a bunch who believe in the primacy of the profit motive and it’s ability to solve all issues.

    Fact is commuters have ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE (despite what the Conservative PR machine will tell you) and have to suffer HIGHER PRICES, LONGER DELAYS and POORER SERVICE with only a chance for “compensation” (which isn’t compensation because it’s not your full ticket price and it’s in the form of vouchers, as opposed to the thing they’ve cost you which is money) if they manage to get round to processing your claim which is a gamble because they’re understaffed there, too.

    Fabricant should shut his mouth until he gets something DONE about it, like putting someone else in charge of the cross city line.