The Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill

The Bishop of Lichfield has insisted that marriage is the “basic building block of society”.

The Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill

The Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill made his comments after takin part in the launch of Marriage Week UK.

The event encourages couples to take time to refresh their relationships.

“After an intense day of meetings in the House of Bishops, it was lovely to hear good news about marriage in this country,” said Bishop Jonathan.

“I do find as I talk to people that many marriages drift along in the busyness of life. We become distracted by all sorts of things, and take our eyes off of our spouse.

“Yet marriage is the basic building block of society. It is a God-given gift that, like a good wine, needs sunshine and rain, time and attention to mature.

“You’re never too old to add some fresh sparkle to a relationship.”

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  1. Is it possible that the traditional marriage as we used to know it (male and female) been a little devalued somewhat of late?

  2. “devalued”
    Regarding young couples making the decision to get married was my point, in preference to just living together. The way things are going in the not too distant future it will be the norm for those who wish, will be marrying their pets, I don’t suppose that will devalue marriage as we know it, according to some peoples values.

  3. Marrying their pets? And why not? There are thousands of people who’ve been waiting decades to be allowed to marry their favourite pets. Barely a day goes buy without someone espousing that true equality would be the ability for zoophiles to express there commitment in the same way the rest of us can, in a consenting relationship in which both parties love each other. The UK is lagging behind a number of more progressive nations that have recognised the loving nature of cross species relationships.

    Oh, wait. Nope. Except in your fetid mind there’s absolutely no demand for that at all.

  4. Marriage is something special 24/7 and the Anniversary is your time to be together and remember the times you first met. The Strength of the bands of love are sealed with marriage and therefore cannot be weakened by anything as Love cannot be hurt if it is real. The first comment made “johnthemon” was about the recent news of gay men and women having the Equal right to marriage yet even though the church doesn’t have to marry them in a church. I would love to know why people actually have a problem with this rather then there sexuality. If its Love they are wanting to seal then damm well shut ya mouths and give them the right. You would not say no to a coloured man to marry so damm well don’t judge someones sexuality that doesn’t reflect on you.

  5. “so damm well don’t judge someones sexuality that doesn’t reflect on you.”

    Is it sexuality or just LUST? Don’t try to contaminate the true loving sanctity of Christian marriage with what the world considers to be acceptable for today.

  6. As a non-Christian, your minority theism has no right whatsoever to dictate to thinking society what defines marriage.
    The CofE was set up to legitimise a dodgy marriage, and has continued to redefine it as it sees fit for centuries.
    If two people love each other, that’s enough. They should be free to marry.
    According to your reasoning, my marriage has no loving sanctity. That’s ridiculous.
    The irony is that your messiah – if your tomes are to be believed – hung around with the outsiders of society, and avoided the pious judgmental types.

  7. “….Is it sexuality or just LUST?..”

    Gay people getting married because of lust? Surely there are simpler, more immediate and effective ways to satiate lust than by getting married.

  8. Just noting – have ANY of the above comments got ANYTHING to do with the Bishops’ comments? I didn’t read any reference to same sex marriage – just comments on the commitment of marriage for anyone who is married…just an excuse to crack open the can of worms again folks, eh?

  9. As I said and see many people support my theory. Yet some may have misunderstood the wording of my paragraph. Marriage it’s self has become more of a religion based thing for those who were born or full extreme hard worshipers of there cult. I say cult because the churches and all far to my knowledge do not accept the actual thing that disapproves the existence of God and your Idea of a religion organization “Free Will”

    Free will destroys your Idea of the 10 Commandments and the gospel that your free to follow yet cannot be blessed by god if you do not. I can go on, and on.

    The church must accept and spread the possibility of god’s existence it must modernize and accept that the world isn’t old anymore. We are a world of people who are understanding and caring people who wish for peace and equality and fair play. These steps for the church to make are on there own heads. They can accept the 21st Century or be thrown back into the dark ages and accept it’s end in time.

    I am an ex priest of the Church and cannot be proven wrong in my argument even though Im free to debate :) All are equal and your free to stand by me no matter what or who you are. (Unless your a Pedophile,murder,rapist etc)

    I’ve basically ended this argument that originated from someones irritating homophobic comment. This isn’t prejudice, this is fact.

  10. “Just noting – have ANY of the above comments got ANYTHING to do with the Bishops’ comments?”

    The whole idea of a church marriage is that the couples union together will be blessed and be fruitful in the sight of God, if there are those who think God will bless what He considers to be an abomination they are wrong. So yes, it has all to do with the Bishops comments.

  11. I must be reading a different article. Please quote me where the Bishop makes any reference to same sex marriage? Seemed to me he was referring to strengthening existing marriages. Still, why ruin a good story…

  12. Quoteing from “johnthemon” Comment quote “The whole idea of a church marriage is that the couples union together will be blessed and be fruitful in the sight of God, if there are those who think God will bless what He considers to be an abomination they are wrong. So yes, it has all to do with the Bishops comments.” Yet he actually contradicts his own comment. “The whole idea of a church marriage is that the couples union together will be blessed and be fruitful in the sight of God”
    Don’t fight if it’s not a fighting story my friend. Also next time read my paragraph before going round in circles on this argument. I’ve already answered your argument.

    Reply to “Eddie”

    This is a comment page for those who wish to discuss this Bishops story or debate. If you don’t like seeing this debate or discussion they simply don’t read it. -_- I can point out however that the Bishops idea of this strengthening marriage is in retaliation to the governments attempt at ordering “Finally” Equality to Britain for Homosexuals for same sex marriage as civil partnership doesn’t give the 100% same as normal marriage in a church.

    For one moment, don’t judge, open your mind, care for others and not yourself.

  13. It’s astounding in many ways that we’re here discussing the thoughts of a man who’s power and influence is based on his position in the hierarchy of an organisation that’s based on the teachings of an iron age religion.

    The fact is that the majority of people don’t believe in this particular sky pixie, some believe in a different sky pixie, some believe there’s lots of sky pixies and some people don’t believe that there’s any sky pixies at all. The idea that we should organise our society around the apparent wishes of a particular sky pixie that doesn’t offer much in the way of feedback of how we’re getting on but instead has a collection of followers who don’t even agree with each other to guide us isn’t a recipe for success.

    If some people want to join themselves in something called marriage as a public declaration of their commitment to and love for each other, good for them. I personally don’t much care for the idea of the state legimising relationships but if that’s what people want to do I can’t see any reason to stand in their way.

    The whole debate goes beyond the pale though when people are questioning whether sexuality exists or not because if it does it challenges their belief in the sky pixie they’ve chosen to give meaning to their life. Get a grip. Reality, it’s got a habit of persisting whether you like it or not.

  14. I do respect “Sabcat” opinion even though I do believe that we all have our own sexuality’s yet I cannot believe in a God even though I was did. Yet non of these effect the meaning of my argument. Sexuality is not a choice it is born in you like air to breath and your eye colour.

    I do not prey for anyone but I will prey for you to learn the modern world.

  15. “Sexuality is not a choice it is born in you like air to breath and your eye colour.”

    If one keep saying it enough times it is possible you will eventually believe it. And I don’t want to take this discussion down the path of bisexual behaviour either.

  16. Jonthemon, the thing is, it is true whether you believe it or not. That’s the nice thing about science – it doesn’t require your support to be true. There are plenty of studies showing that our sexuality is inherrant and not a ” choice” as you would have it, although even if people did chose it, I’m not sure why that entitles you to discriminate.

  17. The idea that sexuality is a choice is absurd. I do wonder though, is your homophobia based on your religion or is your religion based on your homophobia?

  18. “I’m not sure why that entitles you to discriminate.”

    Am I discriminating? Just because I do not fall in line with what others say.

  19. Your stubbornness comes from your lack of consideration and high attention seeking. If not maybe they is a childhood memory you should seek help with. End of.
    Im Bi-Sexual and trust me it was NOT a choice and took years to come to termsa and with the problems that grew to try and deny those feelings torn my world apart.

    So when I hear a story that may hurt my brothers and sisters who share my feelings I will DEFEND them to my last dyeing breath. Guess what…. Im only 21 but get this Im more mature then you.

  20. “Im only 21 but get this Im more mature then you.”

    Very good, and very good that you can be so outspoken, who knows in a few years time down the line you could be telling a different story, lets hope you will be as outspoken as you are now, when you have a few more life experiences to reflect on. I wish you all the very best.

  21. Dear Sir I think you will perhaps read this couple of lines that will make you think again about standing on your high horse.

    You say im outspoken yet others here apart from two of you support what I have said as far as I can see. I can also share this discussion with youtube channel which has so far (288) subscribers and over 970,000 views link below. I can also share it on my multiple sites.

    As to Life Experiences well let me share this little story, it’s brief.

    At the age of 10 I was molested by a much older friend who was 18, which affected me all my life and did so until circumstances changed my living arrangements and forced me to be homeless and there problems grew as I was so uncomfortable with peoples behavior. Yet it wasn’t them that was in the wrong it was me because of childhood events yet as I grew through my teens I grew hating gays, I despised them for what had happened to me. I got into fights, and so much more trouble. Yet it was seeing others that made me understand so much yet it wasn’t until I 18 I saw and learned from being homeless. It’s not a choice it is you and cannot be removed.
    Next time DON’T judge me before judging yourself.

  22. What would be great would be if this petty point scoring debate was not clogging up my Lichfield timeline. We got the message/s first time.

  23. Another silly man in a silly hat trying to tell us what to do.
    We don`t need him to tell us our relationships need to `keep the sparkle`, we`re aware of that. Does he understand people were having relationships a long,long time before christianity stuck it`s beak in, and getting along just fine, (caring for the disabled within a community was normal until the christians demonised them and said they were paying for former `sins`…think Glenn Hoddle).

    He thinks (as do most religious zealots) that unless the threat of God is hanging over people then they`ll all be bad and evil with no morals. Well, I`m `Good without God` thanks, and i certainly don`t need, or want, advice from a privileged, delusional, silly-attired man who lives in the luxurious surroundings of The Close.

  24. The Lichfield lefty Twitter mafia are so easy to wind up!

    Where in this article does he mention his hatred of gay people?

    Chill out!

    NB. I am pro gay marriage.

  25. Read the actual comments. Many people are saying in brief that “The Bishop doesn’t mention sexuality” well yes he doesn’t yet peoples comments are which sprung the argument.

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