An artist's impression of HS2

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The Transport Secretary has reassured Lichfield residents that a consultation over the preferred route for HS2 will be “genuine”.
A graphic mock-up of the HS2 line
A number of local residents and businesses in and around the city are set to be affected by the high speed rail line after the Government released details of the second phase of the scheme. Cutting across Streethay and between Curborough and Fradley, one section of the line will connect with the West Coast Main Line while the main route would continue north to Manchester. However, in a letter to Michael Fabricant, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin revealed that a consultation period will begin later this year “to find the right balance between delivering essential infrastructure and respecting the rights and justifiable concerns of those who will be most affected”. He added: “I should stress that although I have published an initial preferred route, this will be a genuine consultation process. “Changes are always possible as the outcome of the consultation on Phase One of HS2 has shown.”


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One reply on “Transport Secretary reassures Lichfield residents over HS2 consultation plans”

  1. I received today a copy of the statement from Michael Fabricant MP., of Mr.Mclouglin response to his question on HS2 on the 28th of January 2013.. This quote is at the end of the Transport Minister’s speech “‘there are not many issues on which political parties in the House agree, but this is one of them.Regardless of the nature of the goverment when the first trains run in 13 years time, what matters are the jobs, the re- balancing of the economy, and our country’s future prosperity”

    Such arrogance, so this is called consultation, is it, I don’t think so. We already owe billion of pounds, and the political elite is set to spend billions more on a madcap scheme which ruins beautiful countryside and devastates people’s lives I don’t believe for one moment that this will be a genuine consultation process, looks like its a done deal to me. That word “Localism” that Mr Cameron bandies about is nothing more than an irrelevant catchphrase.

    Politicians come and go, I hope we to see lots of Independants standing in all the areas throughout England affected by this appalling scheme.Politicians of all persuasions should not take the electorate for granted, we can turn round and bite you!

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