Beacon Park

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Plans have been drawn up to protect two key areas in Lichfield city centre.
Beacon Park
The Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association (BSARA) to register Beacon Park and Bird Street car park under the Community Right to Bid scheme. The initiative allows residents to protect land or buildings they believe are ‘assets of community value’. Now BSARA say they hope to register them in a bid to ensure local people have a strong voice in the future of the two sites. Spokesman Andre Hefer said: “This may become more important as local council finances become more stretched and they are tempted to cut back on services or to sell off assets. “BSARA thinks that the Bird Street car park and Beacon Park sites are worth preserving. “This is a right to nominate an asset, but there is no obligation on BSARA to either stop the clock or to bid for the asset, neither is there any obligation to run it. “In most instances one would hope that the community would see the benefit of selling the asset and would not wish to intervene. “The BSARA committee believes that the local community should be fully involved in any decision making that may affect the future of these two iconic sites that are so important to Lichfield’s heritage and tourism future.” Lichfield District Council confirmed they were considering the application. Richard King, Director of Democratic, Development and Legal Services, said: “We have received two nominations under the Community Right to Bid for Bird Street Car Park and Beacon Park which we are currently assessing. “We’ll publish the results at”


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One reply on “Community group bidding to ‘protect’ two Lichfield sites”

  1. both are important sites but protecting bird street car park would be misguided. it needs to be redeveloped as part of a redevelopment of the old woolies store. it could provide more spaces and benefit the footfall to local businesses on market street.

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