Mill Ends Park in Portland
Mill Ends Park in Portland. Pic:
Mill Ends Park in Portland. Pic:

The world’s smallest park is hoping the luck of the Irish will help it see of a Burntwood challenge for its crown.

A challenge has been lodged against Mill Ends Park in the USA after it was described as “a glorified flower pot”.

Princes Park in Burntwood would stand to take the Guinness World Record if the current holder in Portland is disqualified.

However, the American city believe they have a ‘magical’ weapon in their bid to see off the challenge.

“Mill Ends Park is much more than a ‘glorified plant pot’,” said a smiling Mike Abbaté, Director of Portland Parks & Recreation. “It has a small size but a huge history and legacy in our city.

“Mill Ends is revered by thousands and has been for years. It has been the site of St Patrick’s Day festivities, of community volunteer efforts – well, I suppose putting a cat’s water dish in the park and calling it a ‘swimming pool’ counts as volunteer efforts!

“Nevertheless, it is an important leprechaun sanctuary, the only such site west of Ireland and we treasure it as a valued Portland park.

“There’s nothing like a summer day having a picnic in Mill Ends Park – if you’re able to comfortably fit in it.”

Princes Park in Burntwood
Princes Park in Burntwood

The challenge has been lodged by KP Events director Kevin Wilson who is behind a world’s shortest fun run charity fundraiser around Princes Park in May.

But Mr Abbaté has jokingly warned that his city wouldn’t mind another record too.

“Mill Ends is weeded, watered, planted and maintained like every other park in our National Gold Medal-winning system,” he added.

“As for the World’s Shortest Fun Run, a simple lap around Mill Ends Park will accomplish that record as well.

“We’d love to have you chaps over and show off Mill Ends when you make it across the pond.”

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11 years ago

Forget North Korea, this is some worrying rhetoric coming out of the USA!!! Burntwood will be preparing its response carefully!!!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
11 years ago

As a longtime resident of Portland and a life-long resident of Oregon, all I can say to this challenge is … well, take your best shot.

I’d estimate, via Google Maps, that Prince’s Park is approximately 10 metres the side. Now let’s assume that the title of World’s Smallest is taken, unjustly, from Mill Ends Park.

The title would go to Prince’s Park?

Think again.

It would move a mere 50 miles … south. To Oregon’s state capital, Salem (44° 56′ 37.32″ N, 123° 1′ 40.08″ W) … which is 3.7 by 6.1 metres.

It would fit within Prince’s Park. Snugly, but it would do it.

Good luck!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
11 years ago

Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that Oregon’s capital city is 3.7 by 6.1 metres, but the park that I refer to … which is called Waldo Park. One very large sequoia tree and a bench.

The geographical coordinates of Waldo Park in the above comment are correct, however.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
11 years ago

That’s also NOT Waldo Park, actually. Google Maps has it mislabelled. Go down to the next street south (Union Street) then one street west (Summer Street). Waldo Park is at that corner, the NW corner of the intersection.

What you have there is a Google Maps FAIL.

Rowley Birkin QC
11 years ago

It would seem that Google and our United States cousins were very, very drunk when making these terribly scurrilous claims.