Princes Park in Burntwood
Princes Park in Burntwood

Burntwood’s battle for the world’s smallest park crown has received backing from the House of Commons.

Princes Park is aiming to snatch the title of world’s smallest park away from Mill Ends Park in Portland, USA.

And now Lichfield’s MP Michael Fabricant has vowed to fight for Burntwood’s honour.

He smiled: “This is a matter of international importance which I am minded to pursue with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“While I have the highest regard for the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the claim by Mills End Park to be smaller than Princes Park is an outrage. It may be of some relief that while the state of Texas always claims to have the biggest and the best, the state of Oregon’s claim to have the smallest park is ill founded.

“I shall be in Washington DC later this year and, if necessary, this matter may need to be raised with the White House. The honour of Burntwood must be defended at all costs, especially from former colonial upstarts.”

Mill Ends Park in Portland

The battle for the title erupted after a challenge from Kevin Wilson, organiser of the world’s shortest fun run which takes place around Princes Park in May.

He described the current Guinness World Record holder Mill Ends Park as a “glorified flower pot”, a comment which led to the Americans adding fencing and a toy soldier to their park in a bid to see off the British challenge.

But their has also been confusion about a new rival from across the Atlantic, with a park in Cambridge, Massachusetts emerging as a contender for the crown if Portland loses it. However, the UK’s smallest park are hoping that the new pretender to the title will be ruled out as it is actually an art installation.

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