Charles Hanson

Charles Hanson
Auctioneer Charles Hanson will be offering his expert opinion on items at a fundraising event in Lichfield.

St Giles Hospice will be benefitting from the Ansons & Hansons Antique Valuation Day at Erasmus Darwin House on May 7.

Charles and the team from Hansons Auctioneers will be available between 10am and 4pm.

Marie Tisdale from Ansons Solicitors said: “Many of our elderly clients are uncertain of the value of some of their heirlooms when they come in to make their will, and disputes can sometimes arise when one child sees their sibling inherit something which turns out the be a very a valuable item.

“We thought that this would be an interesting way of providing an opportunity to find out the value of that ‘special heirloom’, while supporting St Giles Hospice, and raising awareness of the importance of making a will.”

There is no charge for going along to the event, but visitors will be invited to make a donation to Whittington-based St Giles Hospice.

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