Campaigners have warned prospective county councillors that HS2 could have a large bearing on their election hopes.

The high speed rail route will travel through Staffordshire – including parts of Lichfield and the surrounding villages.

And now protesters from the Stop HS2 group have thrown their weight behind parties who are against the multi-billion pound project.

A Stop HS2 placard in the shape of a white elephant
A Stop HS2 placard in the shape of a white elephant

Stop HS2’s campaign manager Joe Rukin said: “Without doubt, the biggest internal conversation which has been happening in the campaign against HS2 in recent weeks has been what those opposed to HS2 should do come May 2.

“There are some who want to keep faith with current councillors for the work they have done in opposing HS2, but it is clear that a significant number are saying that they won’t vote for a party which supports HS2.”

Mr Rukin believes that even councillors who have been sympathetic to the fight against high speed rail could pay the price for the stance their political parties take on the issue.

“I am certain that we will be saying goodbye to councillors who have been allies over the last few years,” he explained. “That will be sad, but what is more sad is that their party leaders haven’t listened to them or us for three years, and we can only hope that after May 2 they will know what localism really is and have no option but to listen.

“A few years ago there was lots of talk of people resigning their party over HS2. This has happened with party activists and donors, but it has been rare amongst candidates, and there may be more than a few who regret not taking a stronger stance.”

At present the three major parties in England – the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats – support HS2, while UKIP and The Green Party have opposed it.


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  1. If you are opposed to HS2 it’s a tough choice indeed, with only UKIP & The Green Party opposing it and there isn’t a single ‘Green’ candidate in any of wards.

    I don’t really want to vote for UKIP on a single issue.

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