Sophie Randal as Maria and Jordan Adams as Captain Georg von Trapp

The Sound of Music must be near the top of everyone’s list of favourite musicals.

We’ve all seen it so often that we can almost repeat the dialogue as well as sing the songs.

But Lichfield Operatic Society’s production this week lifted the ‘dated’ story into something quite spectacular.

The spine-tingling opening of the Latin chants of the nuns set the scene for a quite up-lifting show – we just knew we were in for a treat.

Sophie Randal as Maria and Jordan Adams as Captain Georg von Trapp

Lynne Hill’s direction, coupled with some brilliant arrangements from new musical director Ruairi Edwards, made this show a cut above the rest.

Sophie Randal as Maria and Jordan Adams as Captain von Trapp were convincing in their roles – their singing voices blending beautifully.

The children, of course, were delightful – word and note-perfect.

Julie Mallaband was wonderful as the Mother Abbess. I always think Climb Every Mountain is the best song in the show and Julie performed it superbly.

The production captured the oppressive atmosphere of the German occupation of Austria and, adversely, brought out the humour of some of the characters, particularly Craig Allen as Max.

It was a huge cast, so I can’t mention all the names, but every single one contributed to what was an extremely memorable evening.

I must, however, mention the orchestra – just about the best I’ve heard in an amateur production – and better than many professional ones. Congratulations to Ruairi and all the musicians.

If you can get tickets, go along and see this production, which brings a freshness to this well-known and loved story. Tickets are available from the Garrick box office on 01543 412121 or online at

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