Councillor Mike Wilcox
Councillor Mike Wilcox

A plan to create growth in the local economy has been agreed.

Lichfield District Council is one of nine local authorities that have launched the strategy, which is designed to re-establish the region as a major driver of the UK economy.

The Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has set a target of increasing private sector jobs by 100,000 by 2020.

Cllr Mike Wilcox, leader of Lichfield District Council, said: “The Strategy for Growth will be key in terms of Lichfield’s economic development activity in the coming years and it is important we get it right.

“From our point of view, business innovation and growth has long been a priority for Lichfield District Council and I am delighted this principle is shared by the LEP.

“The Strategy for Growth will put us in the vanguard amongst the LEPs and will, we hope, continue to demonstrate the benefits of us working together.”

The new plan features six key aims:

Councillor Mike Wilcox
  • Growing the number of successful businesses.
  • Building sector strengths and opportunities.
  • Stimulating innovation in products, services and businesses.
  • Improving our skills talent pool.
  • Improving physical and digital connectivity.
  • Optimising physical, cultural and environmental assets.

Steve Hollis, deputy chair of the LEP, added: “The Strategy for Growth, we believe, is a bold and ambitious bid to not only provide a step-change in our economic fortunes but contribute to the UK’s economic recovery.

“Ambitious targets have been set and all stakeholders will have to play their part in helping us achieve them.

“While we are acutely aware of the challenges we face here in Greater Birmingham, it is important to remember we are on the cusp of a breakthrough in our economic fortunes.”


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5 replies on “Lichfield District Council backs plan to create 100,000 new jobs across the region”

  1. If the object of the council’s statement was to check-off how many buzzwords and flimsy sound-bites they could squeeze into it; I’d say mission accomplished.

  2. Had to smile. These guys are jokers who do everything at snail pace. They can’t provide enough houses in Lichfield for people to live. How can they attract new businesses when we have no way of housing their workers?

  3. Lichfield part of Greater Brum? Do we really want to be associated/emulate with what Brum has become? We used to be proud of Lichfield being totally different to Brum – how low can we go?

  4. Cynic have you been to Brum in the last 20 years?

    In terms of economics Lichfield is far more closely linked to Brum than it is with the rest of backwards Staffordshire. Without Brum where would half our residents be working? Lichfield is nothing special, it’s main selling point is its proximity to Birmingham, low crime, good schools and its Cathedral. Other than that it has no shops, no cinema, no bars, no jobs, etc etc. It’s a ghost town with pretty parks. I for one think it’s a great idea that Lichfield has joined the Birmingham LEP. Not to mention having access to their recently awarded £1 billion of funding!

    Anyway, who’s saying Lichfield is now part of Brum? The LEP is merely an economic partnership between councils and businesses.

  5. ” it’s main selling point is its proximity to Birmingham, low crime, good schools ”

    My point exactly. You can travel to work ,or go shopping ,in places you would not wish to live in. Those who think Brum is a nicer place than Lichfield can always move there – lots of empty houses.
    I value the far nicer quality of Lichfield (although it is going downhill) than the dump Brum has become. Brum does have a wide range of shops but if you care to look a bit deeper it USED to have a very big manufacturing base.

    If anything it is sad that the powers that be think it is so wonderful that they actually speak to people from other areas – something a lot of us have done for years.

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