Polling station sign. Pic: Neil Wykes

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Voters have gone to the polls in Lichfield and Burntwood. People will be able to cast their vote in the Staffordshire County Council elections until 10pm tonight. Two wards in Burntwood are being contested along with six in Lichfield. The results will be confirmed tomorrow (May 3) with a full declaration for the council expected to be made during at 1.30pm.


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2 replies on “Residents begin voting in Staffordshire County Council elections”

  1. I will be going to cast my vote with my good lady this evening, voting for anyone to keep the Tories out, which like the rest of them are only good enough to be in control of the budgets for hanging baskets.

  2. It’s a shame more parties are not represented. The Conservatives, Labour & Liberal Democrats all support HS2, UKIP & The Green Party don’t; not really sure I want to vote for UKIP!

    Appreciate a single issue shouldn’t be the last word, but it’s such a big issue.

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