Burntwood voters have elected a UKIP representative on to Staffordshire County Council.

Jeffrey Sheriff took the Burntwood South seat, with the previous incumbent – independent candidate Paul Atkins – beaten back into fourth place, behind Labour and the Conservatives.

Total number of votes across Burntwood in Staffordshire County Council elections 2013

There was also a Labour and Co-operative Party gain in Burntwood North, with Conservative Steve Tranter losing his seat to Susan Woodward, who polled 41 per cent of the vote.

The overall picture was strong in the town for UKIP, bagging 1,532 votes in total. Labour secured 726, while the Labour and Cooperative Party picked up 1,097.

The Tories enjoyed more success in Lichfield, though, with Terry Finn holding City South and Alan White taking Rural East. Janet Eagland also retained her seat in Rural North for the party, while David Smith won in the Rural South area and Martin Tittley topped the poll in Rural West.

Labour enjoyed some success in Lichfield, Caroline Wood narrowly saw off the challenge of Conservative candidate Colin Greatorex by just 41 votes in the City North poll.

Total number of votes across Lichfield in Staffordshire County Council elections 2013

Despite not taking a seat in Lichfield, UKIP will be delighted by their overall showing across the six areas after they found themselves in second place in terms of total votes cast in the city and rural wards with 4,797 – more than a thousand in front of Labour. The Conservatives, meanwhile, secured 7,849 votes.

Things weren’t so bright for the Liberal Democrats, who could only manage to chalk up 1,222 votes across the whole of Lichfield.

Meanwhile, the Tories remain in control of Staffordshire County Council after securing 34 seats. Labour picked up 20, while Labour and Co-operative Party candidates secured four seats. Two seats went to UKIP, with an independent and a candidate from the Staffordshire Independent Group complete the new-look council.

Full results:

Burntwood North
Candidate Party Votes
Susan Woodward Lab 1097
Steve Tranter Cons 812
Trish Edwards UKIP 689
Jeyan Anketell Lib Dem 77
Burntwood South 
 Candidate Party Votes
 Jeffrey Sheriff  UKIP 843
 Steven Norman Lab 726
 Ken Humphreys Cons 568
 Paul Atkins Ind 434
Lichfield City North 
 Candidate Party Votes
 Caroline Wood Lab 1124
 Colin Greatorex Cons 1083
 John Maunder UKIP 720
 Paul Ray Lib Dem 242
Lichfield City South 
 Candidate Party Votes
 Terry Finn Cons 1361
 Eileen Cope UKIP 626
 Colin Ball Lab 580
 Ian Jackson Lib Dem 437
Lichfield Rural East 
 Candidate Party Votes
 Alan White Cons 1219
 Martin Dewes UKIP 812
 Glen Mynott Lab 608
 Marion Bland Lib Dem 141
Lichfield Rural West
 Candidate Party Votes
 Martin Tittley Cons 1300
 Karen Maunder UKIP 974
 Steve Hyden Lab 553
 Ray Jones Lib Dem 113
Lichfield Rural North 
 Candidate Party Votes
 Janet Eagland Cons 1307
 Jackie Littlewood UKIP 748
 Dave Whatton Lab 440
 Stuart Stockdale Lib Dem 171
Lichfield Rural South 
 Candidate Party Votes
 David Smith Cons 1579
 Bob Green UKIP 917
 Roy Boffy Lab 398
 Alison Anketell Lib Dem 118


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5 replies on “Burntwood voters elect UKIP candidate to Staffordshire County Council”

  1. Just for accuracy you also have to add the 484 votes that the sitting Councillor, Paul Atkins, got for the Lib Dems as he was part of the Lib Dem/Independent Group at the County Council and before that Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem/Independent Group on Lichfield District Council. Or, of course, you could add these to the Labour vote as there are still people in Burntwood who think he is still with the Labour Party and thought they were voting Labour.
    If you think I’m wrong why did the Liberal Democrats not put up a candidate in Burntwood South and why was Ian Jackson (their Parliamentary Candidate – publicly supported by Atkins at the last General Election – acting as his Election Agent at the count yesterday (I understand Atkins was holidaying in Turkey rather than attend the count). I predicted this on Twitter as Ian Jackson was also acting as his Election Agent in 2009 when he also claimed to be standing as an Independent! You can fool some of the people some of the time etc.

  2. Whatever Bob, but Steven Norman is prepared to come on here and have his say you cannot fault him for that. Perhaps if a little more interest was shown regarding the need of more bus shelters in the Burntwood area, that might have helped.

  3. I’m delighted to have been elected to represent Burntwood North – and, just for the record, votes for Labour/Coop are Labour votes too so the total Labour vote in Burntwood was 1823.

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