The Regal Cinema during its heyday

A new website has been created as part of a campaign to restore Lichfield’s Regal Cinema to its former glory.

The group began life on Facebook but have since met to draw up plans to revitalise the Tamworth Street building – a project which they say could cost up to £3million.

As well as offering the latest news on the campaign, also highlights the history of the building, which has been empty since 2008 and had been earmarked for a hotel development.

However, the collapse of that project means that residents now have new hope that they can mount a bid to bring a cinema back to Lichfield city centre.


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4 replies on “New website launched as part of bid to restore Lichfield’s Regal Cinema”

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  1. This might seem like going off at a tangent but why can Wetherspoons take a
    functioning cinema strip it out refit it as a pub for less than 2 million pounds,
    The 3 million pounds banded about was that figure intended to frighten off anyone
    trying to improve the lives of people in Lichfield,In the small village of Tywyn
    Gwynedd is the Magic Lantern cinema that closed down ,A group of three people
    led by Geoff Hill re-opened it is now one of the very best small cinemas in Britain ,It took hard work but not 3 million pounds!!!!!

  2. To see the old Regal cinema restored and opened would wonderfull some 30odd years ago I named my company Reagal upholstery of Lichfield LTD after it as we started trading just to the side of the Cinema in Lombard st.

  3. @Pat

    £3 million is a very rough estimate, we’ll have more accurate figures in the coming months.

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