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A report has warned against introducing tougher measures to ensure dog owners in Lichfield and Burntwood keep their animals under control. The District Council had been considering introducing new Control Orders or by-laws after a councillor reported a dog being attacked in Chase Terrace Park. However, a report to the Regulatory and Licensing Committee suggested that there was “little evidence” of a widespread problem in the area. “Dog walking is probably the most popular leisure pastime for park users, with regular repeat daily visitors on all our sites,” the report added. “Nearly all of the dog walking community are responsible park users and keep their dogs under control. “During the past year, there have been three incidents reported by two park users to the parks team – these took place at Burntwood Park and Stowe Fields. “When visiting sites and engaging with dog walkers, the biggest complaint is about dog faeces and other dog walkers not picking up. “Complaints about the control of dogs are rare.” Dog Control Orders would allow the local authority to insist animals be kept on a lead or banned completely from certain areas. However, the cost of introducing them together with the lack of reports means that they are likely to be a last resort. “The initial cost of making an Order would be in the region of £5000. However, it would be reasonable for the public to expect that the Order would be enforced through regular patrols and monitoring by parks or environmental health officers,” the report added. “There would be an overtime cost associated with any such patrols. The Fit for the Future programme is placing downward pressure on existing expenditure – including for overtime purposes – and therefore the additional costs of enforcement would need to be highlighted as a budget pressure. “There would also be an ongoing cost for replacement signs.” The report also highlighted that Park Rangers would be offering dog behaviour sessions for park users in future as well as challenging those who do not have their animals under control. Click to read the report in full.


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One reply on “Report insists no crackdown is needed on Lichfield and Burntwood dog owners”

  1. It would be something if they actually took action against people who leave dog mess.

    There may be “CCTV” stickers near to Stychbrook Park and the grassed area near to Lincoln Close, but I have not once seen anyone patrolling, admonished or fined in two and a half years of walking my dog in this area.

    Yet dog mess remains a problem.

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