Michael Fabricant MP
Michael Fabricant MP

New plans to give communities greater power to object to wind farms being built will prevent them being “bullied” into accepting such developments, according to Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant.

The Government has said the views of councils and residents across the country will carry more weight when controversial energy schemes are considered.

Lichfield has seen a number of potential developments proposed in recent years and now the city’s MP hopes the chances of “inappropriate” turbines being built will be reduced.

Michael Fabricant MP
“Changes introduced by the Government will now give people a much greater say over wind farms in their communities, shifting the balance of power to local communities in deciding whether to agree to onshore windfarms,” Mr Fabricant said.

“Over the last few years, a number of inappropriate applications have been made to site either a giant windmill or extensive wind farms near Lichfield. One in particular, near Curborough, would have been more visible than the spires of Lichfield Cathedral – and far less attractive.

“Where local councils, like Lichfield District, have identified areas suitable for wind farm projects, they will not be obliged to give planning permission if they think the impact on the local area will be unacceptable. Local people and their councils should not feel bullied into accepting proposals they do not want.

“The new rules make clear the concerns of communities must be heard and give back to people willing to have wind farms in their local area, saving some families up to £400 a year on their energy bills provided it does not destroy the environment for others.”


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