M6 Toll booths

The operator of the M6 Toll road says it could open for free to help get traffic moving if the main M6 is closed.

Midland Expressway Ltd have made the offer in a bid to get out of a contract to part-fund a link road between the M6 and M54.

However, the Department for Transport has rejected an intiail proposal.

“The Government has an agreement with Midland Expressway in respect to the M54 link road, which we fully expect to be honoured,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

The company’s desire to exit the £100m link road project comes as they tackle debts of more than £1billion.

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One reply on “Operator offers to open M6 Toll for free to ease motorway backlogs”

  1. The HS2 of the Highways. We told the Government that this wouldn’t work too, that it would be a road for the rich and the poor wouldn’t be able to afford it but they didn’t listen. It certainly won’t work in a recession rich period like we’re in.
    The government should buy it back and open it for free for all.

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