Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

A local Conservative MP has revealed that he voted against his own party on the issue of HS2.

Christopher Pincher – who represents residents in the Tamworth constituency, which includes Hints – said he had to put his constituents first when deciding how to vote.

MPs voted on the HS2 Paving Bill last week in the House of Commons.

The Bill is designed to provide funds for the continuing development of HS2, as well as money for continued mitigation work and compensation for those affected.

Christopher Pincher

Mr Pincher said that, in the absence of a Property Bond proposal to underwrite the pre-blight value of homes and restore confidence to the property market as well as better mitigation measures for Hints, Weeford and Drayton Bassett, he could not support the Bill.

“I feel I must put my constituents first,” he said. “I understand that some feel the HS2 project is in the national interest but the concerned voices of those whose homes and communities are blighted, right now, by the proposals need to be heard.”

Mr Pincher was one of just 27 MPs who voted against the Bill. An overwhelming majority of 330 voted in favour.

“With Labour, Lib Dem, Scottish Nationalist as well as Conservative MPs in favour of this project it seems clear that, in some shape or form, it is going to go ahead,” Mr Pincher added.

“It is therefore important that we fight for the best possible mitigation for those villages affected and the best compensation package for people whose homes are blighted.”

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant had said that despite his opposition to HS2, he would be supporting the Bill in order to allow funds to compensate homeowners to be made available.

“And we must continue to fight Labour’s threat to move the planned marshalling yard out of Birmingham and drop it slap bang in the countryside near Middleton and Drayton Bassett.”


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