Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

The Government have been accused of having “stuck their fingers in their ears” over HS2.

The latest survey by YouGov suggests 55 per cent of the public are now against the controversial rail line, which will cut through parts of Lichfield and the surrounding villages.

However, with no signs of the high speed rail project hitting the buffers, Penny Gaines from the Stop HS2 campaign group has called on opponents to the plan to make their voices heard.

“There are increasing numbers of people who think HS2 is a bad idea, with over half the public saying they were opposed to it,” she said.

“With groups ranging from the Institute of Directors to the Woodland Trust saying that HS2 is the wrong project, the Government really should be listening.

“Unfortunately, they seem to have stuck their fingers in their ears, so opponents of HS2 need to be even more vocal in opposing the proposed railway.”


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6 replies on “Opponents say Government need to start listening to HS2 opposition”

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  1. I see HS2 as a huge waste of money.
    Get the existing railways working correctly, lower the track heighten bridges & put double decked trains if you must expand the network, this would be cheaper than putting in complete new line(s) and would just about double the amount of people on the trains.

  2. its not easy to do though Stuart as some of the bridges are listed. It is a good idea though that shouldn’t be discarded. plenty other ideas out there. Quadruple the tracks to london. They could widen the tunnels. They were built with offset ventilation shafts so i assume they thought they may widen them at some point. You could extend platforms, you could open the March ely line up for freight. Its all ignored though because they have this obsession with a fast train set.
    They claim it will create new paths but how? they’re all already full . It would require virgin to give up some and there’s no way they’ll do that unless compensated. Actually i don’t believe they’d do it anyway.

  3. Jozef Nakielski,
    Thank you Jozef just a thought on what I had seen in France, no idea some bridges could / would be listed. But there is a better way than a new line, I speak also as a farmer who lost land due to a new sewerage works, promises, promises by government councils are total useless.
    Some friends still waiting for payment for the M6 / M74 Carlisle Gretna motorway upgrade, after a promise money would be fast, money they need and years late. That another problem for people losing land.

  4. The most obvious solution is to lower the track and put on double decker trains. As far as I can see the equipment is available to lay huge sections of track and something could be developed to scoop out 6 ft of earth before its relaid. Of course some services would need to be rediverted but I believe the population would go for this in exchange for cheaper tickets.
    I’d recommend spending the 50billion saved on 5 nuclear power stations to give the country security of power and the population cheaper electricity. Tell me why this doesn’t make sense!

  5. again you’d need to ‘underpin’ bridge and tunnel foundations.
    If you’re going to do that you may as well widen kilsby tunnels at the time and upgrade the track, lengthen platforms which would allow more faster and longer all stopping services. also open the closed anglian routes to take freight to leeds. less freight on the main line means more paths

  6. why don’t we just build the whole bloomin thing underground, straight as an arrow, job done. Do it now instead of god knows how many years time and we’ll do it for the same price as HS2 will eventually cost in the future.

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