Chris Worsey

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Labour say their new Parliamentary candidate will have Tory MP Michael Fabricant “trembling in his boots” ahead of the next General Election.
Chris Worsey
The party has named Chris Worsey as their representative and he has vowed to bring change to local residents. But with Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant holding a majority of 17,683 from the 2010 ballot where Labour were only third, the task looks a tough one. However, the party insist their candidate can make an impact when people in Lichfield and Burntwood go to the polls in 2015. “Now that Labour members have selected Chris Worsey as our candidate for Lichfield, Michael Fabricant and the Conservatives must be trembling in their boots,” said a spokesperson for the Labour party in the West Midlands. “Chris is a formidable campaigner whose selection will have really worried the Conservatives. “In 1997, Labour were only 238 votes off being elected in Lichfield. Working alongside Chris, we are once again campaigning hard to secure a Labour victory in the General Election.”
Michael Fabricant MP
However, Lichfield’s MP said a move towards Labour would be a bad thing for the area – but admitted that Mr Worsey did have some strengths which may trouble him. “Well, he does have neater and shorter hair than me, I’ll give him that,” said Mr Fabricant. “The question now facing the local Conservative Party is whether I should get a haircut to match his. But I will be resisting that. It could cause a major split which will put Lord Rennard and Nick Clegg in the shade. “I’m not sure about the ‘trembling in our boots’, though – not that we take anyone for granted. “In the meantime, I will continue to campaign for Lichfield. My number one task at present is to fight HS2 and do all I can to keep Lichfield and Burntwood a great place to live and work and keep unemployment really low. It’s presently just 1.8 per cent. “Labour would jeopardise all that.”


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

14 replies on “Labour say Lichfield candidate has Tories ‘trembling in their boots’”

  1. i dont like more-mouth-than-trousers fabricant but why havent you reported that this labour bloke lives 30 MILES AWAY in walsall. not even from lichfield! sloppy

  2. Oh, and by the way, since writing my comment, about the short-haired Labour candidate, unemployment in Lichfield and Burntwood has fallen again. Now to 1.7%. All that would be jeopardised by Ed Balls.

  3. Erm, regardless of where he lives now I think it’s pretty safe to say that his slim links to Lichfield because he played cricket here are slightly stronger than those of Fabby before he became our representative. Good to see his stupid response as usual. It’s crazy that in a city that has such a high opinion of itself the people are prepared to have this sort of publicity-seeking bufoon representing them.

  4. Mt Advocaat is spot on.

    Our notoriously publicity shy MP has been doing an awful lot to boost his own profile since quitting his senior Government position (sic) in such dramatic style (not really) to campaign vigorously against HS2 (errrrm).

    But that profile seems to involve becoming a serial twanker on social media to elevate himself as some sort of poor man’s Boris Johnson – as long as that poor man buys his food at Waitrose and soft furnishings at John Lewsi, obviously.

    Quite what all of this twanking of himself does for his constituency is a bit of a mysetry. Of course as the Tory election campaign superhero (ha-ha-ha-ha…), it could all be part of a masterstroke that will see him twank himself to an even bigger majority and senior Government position after the next election.

    But somehow I doubt it.

    Still, at least he now has a small army of fawning acolytes on social media who gush over each new twank. I’m not sure how many of these actually live and vote in Lichfield, but who cares as long as the Clown Prince of Twanking gives them what they want?

    This might not do much to improve the quality of political comment and discourse in Lichfield. But I take my lead from our MP.

  5. “to an even bigger majority and senior Government position after the next election.” What ever you think of him – he got the most votes – so what does it say about the rest of them?

  6. Cynic: It says we get what we deserve, unfortunately.

    It also says a lot that the Labour candidate gets criticised for being from Walsall, yet our current MP was parachuted in from Brighton having previously failed to secure the seat in South Shields in 1987.
    If plop wants to be villagist about it then a local person for a local seat makes perfect sense in their world. In reality, I don’t think it matters where the candidate is from as long as they are a good candidate.
    Not exactly local.
    I have no party affiliation at all, so I’m looking at each candidate on their merits and what they say.
    For that reason, the Clown Prince of Twankers needs to up his game a bit and stop pandering to the Twitterati and start concentrating on being an honourable member for his constituency.

  7. “It says we get what we deserve, unfortunately”
    There must be something wrong – we agree !
    However it is not him you should blame it is the people that put him in place and then the voters that agreed.

  8. I think I’m on safe ground when I apportion some of the blame to the Clown Prince of Twankers.

    He’s rather symbolic of all that is wrong with politics at all levels these days – no style whatsoever and certainly no substance.

    We can’t even rely on having a smooth-talking clothes horse to flatter us and the days of hoping against hope that we get someone with a bit of dignity, gravitas, wit, intelligence and common sense are long gone.

    It all adds up to a lose-lose for the voters.

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