Chasewater. Pic: BrownhillsBob
Chasewater. Pic: BrownhillsBob
Chasewater. Pic: BrownhillsBob
Chasewater. Pic: BrownhillsBob

People are being urged to make use of facilities at Chasewater this summer and help transform the area into “Burntwood-on-Sea”.

Cllr Sue Woodward made her plea as ownership of the attraction transfers to Staffordshire County Council from Lichfield District Council in April.

A number of improvements are already being planned, including a new beach play area with the hope of introducing a shuttle bus service from Sankey’s Corner during the school holidays.

“Chasewater is a great local asset, right on our doorstep but has suffered from a lack of investment in its facilities over recent years,” said Cllr Woodward.

Cllr Sue Woodward
Cllr Sue Woodward

“I am pleased that Staffordshire County Council has some exciting plans for the area to be developed into a country park which will bring new leisure opportunities as well as, hopefully, new jobs to the area.”

Cllr Woodward is using her Local Community Fund to support the beach area initiative and wants local people to back the idea.

She said: “I want to encourage Burntwood families to visit Chasewater this summer and hope to be able to get this beach idea off the ground.

“We need to look at better access to Chasewater from Burntwood though. It’s right next to the town and easy to get to on foot but we need easier parking and better transport links to get the full benefit.

“This is what I’m pressing for so that residents can enjoy their very own Burntwood-on-Sea.”

Burntwood Town Council Leader, Cllr Di Evans added: “We want to do all we can in partnership with Staffordshire County Council to maximise the new opportunities at Chasewater so that people in Burntwood, young and old, enjoy its attractions both now and well into the future.”

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9 years ago

Personally my enjoyment of Chasewater is ruined by the inconsiderate dog owners that frequent the place. These selfish degenerates really need to be kept in check otherwise Chasewater will never realise it’s full potential.

Marty B Robets
9 years ago

Inconsiderate dog owners can ruin the enjoyment of any public space and unfortunately give the majority of considerate dog owners a bad name, same as inconsiderate parents with degenerate children can ruin an enjoyable dog walk.

Hopefully these issues will addressed so everyone can enjoy a fantastic local space as I think the proposed plans look very exciting!!!

Some Bloke
9 years ago

Crikey, Bob, is that you Mr Cynic? I’m just wondering, as you are almost as miserable

9 years ago

Asking a little bit much there Bob. Until every dog is DNA tested and dog owners are fined appropriately to recoup any costs, this kind of irresponsible dog owner problem will go on forever.

9 years ago

Personally my enjoyment of Lichfield Live is ruined by the ignorant Internet users that frequent the place. These selfish degenerates really need to be kept in check otherwise Lichfield Live will never realise it’s full potential.

9 years ago

Love the idea. Look at how popular Cannock Chase is for families. Could learn from places like Carsington Water

9 years ago

Dog owners are a minority. The rest of us would like to see something positive in ideas as to what is hopefully going to be a vast improvement i Chase water. Carssington is a very good model but just how much money is there going to be? Who will decide what, when and how it is to be spent? More information please. I have only stumbled onto this web site by accident. Where does Joe Public have to go to get the full details?

A Cynical Parody
9 years ago

Wendy: Try Lichfield DC’s website, maybe?

On a tangential note, I think they should seal up the Garrick, flood it and use it as a giant scuba diving and sea life centre.
There’s more scuba divers in the Lichfield area than theatre-goers, probably.

9 years ago

What sort of world do these councillors inhabit, anyone remember “Merry England”?

9 years ago

I visited Chasewater for the first time since I was a child the other day. I couldn’t believe that I have never took advantage of the beautiful place! I took my four month old son for a walk in his buggy with my friend. A little beach with play facilities would be a lovely idea and I would certainly bring my son. Also, I am looking forward to the new buggy walk (Chasewater strollers) such a great way to get a little exercise, fresh air and meet new people!!

9 years ago

Some of my happiest memories are at the beach at Chasewater, when I was a child. I didn’t realise that the real sea-side was so far away, and even a couple of miles trip to chasewater probably seemed like driving too far.

If we develop CW, we’ll also help the environment, as less long distance journeys will reduce congestion, pollution etc.

I’d like other children to have more of the type of fun I had here when I was a child by the water, not really understanding the difference between seaside and chasewater side.

Maybe have a separate adults only area, where those who don’t want to be bothered by children can sunbathe and enjoy the beach too. It’s not only for us with families, and single tax payers pay alot of tax, getting often little in return.

A big plus for keeping dogs under control. It would be ideal if the beach areas were fenced off, so that we didn’t have to avoid excrement etc. Where children play should largely be dog free, due to the serious consequences from dog infections and possible mauling.

It’s anti-social to let your dog loose near to others, and where areas are more suited for dog users, then please consider there instead. Also, music playing is also antisocial, so ensure that appropriate control is in please.

Rob Fitzmaurice
9 years ago

We used to play at Chasewater as kids, a good few moons ago, then it used to have a Full Fair, Karting Track (Where Even Nigel Mansell Used to practice Karting!), amusement arcade, ice cream, walk on pier, water sports, paddling pool, boating pool, in fact loads, ain’t been for a good while as my perception last time I did visit was one of lack of investment to improve and find it’s real potential, would be good to see it one day reach it’s full potential in my lifetime, love hearing the Trains though,