Burntwood Household Recycling Centre

A “possible opportunity” led to postponement of a consultation over the future of Burntwood’s tip.

Cllr Mark Winnington

Cllr Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for economy and infrastructure, revealed the why the proposal had been pulled from a cabinet meeting yesterday (April 16) at the last minute.

“Since details of this proposed consultation were made public last week, a possible opportunity has arisen at one of the household waste recycling sites, which could affect the dynamics of the proposal,” he told the meeting.

“I’m afraid I cannot say more publicly at this point for reasons of commercial confidentiality, but this is an opportunity, which, though it may take some time, merits further investigation.

“In the circumstances I would like to recommend that we do not proceed with the proposal on the cabinet paper to begin consultation and instead we defer this consultation until such time as this other opportunity has been explored.”

Burntwood Household Recycling Centre

His explanation comes after Burntwood county councillor Sue Woodward revealed “people power” had helped stave off the closure of the recycling centre.

“If you’re sitting at a desk in Stafford, the case for closing the Burntwood site might have looked tempting,” Cllr Woodward said.

“But the reality on the ground just didn’t reflect what the report said.

“I hope that Staffordshire County Council will recycle the paper that this report was written on and not try to reuse it ever again.”

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  1. I think the message here is that plans to close our Burntwood waste site are on hold only. We need to be vigilant on this and let the County Council know how residents feel about this valued service. The petition opposing closure is also on hold for the moment – already 2000+ signatures – but we may need to get it going again depending on what emerges from this.

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