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Councillors are being advised to give plans to keep a Burntwood dog grooming salon open – despite local opposition. An outbuilding at 6 Spencer Drive has been converted for the business, but concerns have been raised about the impact of traffic using the narrow residential street as well as a lack of parking provision. Burntwood Town Council has said the likelihood is that customers will “continue to block drives and double park”. “Running a business in a residential area is unacceptable,” the council added. “The applicant is advertising 24/7 services and this would mean traffic movement and parking over a long period of the day and evening. “It is a quiet residential area which will be adversely affected.” There were also objections local residents on the issue of parking for the business, as well as the noise of dogs using the salon. However, a report to Lichfield District Council’s planning committee next week has backed the proposals for the salon, saying the owner had assured them that only one dog would be on site at a time. It also said that the business should be open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Wednesday. “In respect of the change of use to a dog grooming salon, it is considered that given the nature of the business, including the limited use/hours proposed, that the proposal would not cause adverse harm to the amenity of occupiers of neighbouring properties,” the report said. “While there will be movements associated with the use it is considered these would be minimal given the small-scale of the business and hours of operation proposed. “The Parish Council along with neighbouring residents has raised concerns with regards to impact through noise of dogs barking, along with general disturbance from vehicles. It is recognised that the nature of the business is such that some noise may be created. However, on the basis that only one dog at a time is groomed, I am of the opinion that any noise generated by barking dogs would be no more than could reasonably be expected from any domestic dwelling where a dog or dogs reside.” The application will be discussed by Lichfield District Council’s planning committee on Monday (November 4).

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