Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

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Lichfield’s MP has welcomed a “generous” new set of compensation packages for people living along the route of HS2 – but insists he is still opposed to the controversial project. Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, has written to Michael Fabricant outlining fresh proposals to help homeowners.
Michael Fabricant
But the city’s MP insists the fight to halt the high speed rail route is not over. “This is a generous package of compensation for those living along the route of HS2 within 120 metres either side of the track, though those living just that bit further away – but who are still affected by the line – will still not be compensated unless they can convince HS2 that they have a real need to sell their property. “However, I will still continue to oppose HS2 in Parliament and elsewhere. “It cannot be built until a further vote is held in Parliament after the next election. Although we need an extra North-South line, the route of HS2 is much more environmentally damaging and expensive than it need otherwise be. “Unlike similar lines on continental Europe, it doesn’t follow an existing transport corridor such as a motorway or main line. “It is also ridiculous that it doesn’t even connect with the high speed line through the Channel Tunnel.”


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