Chris Worsey

Greater numbers of highly-skilled jobs are needed in Lichfield and Burntwood, according to a prospective parliamentary candidate for the area.

Chris Worsey, who will look to take the seat from long-standing Conservative MP Michael Fabricant, made his claim after recent figures revealed a drop in unemployment in the area.

Chris Worsey

But the Labour candidate – who runs a small business himself – believes the kind of jobs on offer need to be examined alongside the headline figure.

“I welcome the low unemployment figures in the constituency, but it is also important to look behind the figures,” he said. “Labour want to move from an economy which has a disproportionately high percentage of low skill, low wage jobs to an economy which has high skill, high wage jobs.

“Any job is better than no job, but a decent high skilled job that pays a wage you can live on is surely the prize most families want. It’s good for the economy and community if people feel secure.”

Mr Worsey who heads the Youth Unemployment Commission for the Black Country, also highlighted the role education and training can play in helping people find better quality jobs.

He said: “My work on youth unemployment has taught me that we have to make sure we have people with the skills. That isn’t just young people, but also 24 to 35 year olds who have been out of work for some time.

“There is an idea that employers are reluctant to step in and help people. They are not, they are here to help out and our job is to work in partnership with them.

“I have a vision for a really prosperous future for Lichfield and Burntwood to share in the Labour party aims to help every family get on in life. That isn’t going to happen unless we have a positive business community.

“It’s doing pretty well but it needs a new government to give it backing and that’s what Labour would offer to businesses and families in office.”


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