Michael Fabricant

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A general election candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has insisted Michael Fabricant could “go on holiday” and still win the poll – describing the democratic process in the area as “b******s”. Andy Bennetts, who is representing Class War in the May vote, said the general election was nothing more than a “periodic circus” given the Conservatives’ domination in the area.
Michael Fabricant MP
Michael Fabricant has held the seat for the Tories since 1997 following a five year spell as the representative for mid-Staffordshire. And Mr Bennetts believes most candidates standing against him have their eyes on the future rather than genuinely representing the local area. “Lichfield is a safe Tory seat,” he said. “The MP on May 8 will be Michael Fabricant, he could go on holiday and still win. “We’re having more of a pantomime than an election, where career minded politicos try to make a good impression with their party in the hope of being selected to fight a seat they have a chance of winning in the future. “Other candidates are trying to raise their profile locally in the hope of winning in a future council election.”
Class War party logo
The Class War representative insisted mainstream parties had already abandoned Lichfield in terms of campaigning. “It’s time for the periodic circus that is a general election,” he said. “Like all previous general elections it will decided by around 200 marginal seats. “These key marginal seats are where the party leaders will appear on TV giving pithy soundbites while wearing a hard hat in a warehouse or sipping a pint in a pub, the seats where doors get knocked and where the money gets spent campaigning. “Lichfield isn’t one of them. In 2010 a total of 47 pence was spent for each vote cast which compared to a marginal seat like Luton South where more than £3 per vote was spent which illustrates how much Lichfield and the votes cast here simply don’t matter. “No one is contesting this election to win. Not even us. Vote Class War because this election is a lot of b******s.” Candidates for the Lichfield constituency on May 7 are:
  • Andy Bennetts – Class War
  • Michael Fabricant – Conservatives
  • Robert Pass – Green Party
  • John Rackham – UKIP
  • Paul Ray – Lib Dem
  • Chris Worsey – Labour


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10 replies on “Candidate says Michael Fabricant could “go on holiday” and still be elected”

  1. The same labour party who consistently failed to reform the electoral system when they were in power? I’m sorry Sue, but I don’t necessarily think the Labour party are terribly democratic either. Proportional representation would be a good move in the right direction, yet labour just didn’t bother even trying to pitch it while they were in office.

  2. Labour aren’t going to get rid of first past the post, it props up the 2 party system with Libdem toadies prepared to prop up whichever of the Tories or Labour has the most seats! Democracy!

    I think they’re finest display of democracy was bombing Iraq into the stone age despite massive public opposition.

  3. Blimey not heard of them for a while!
    Tell you now if these lot are anything like the last lot i remember, this election this seats about to get very lively!!
    Ha Ha Brilliant!
    They’re the political equivalent of a fight in a pub carpark.
    Mr wiggy needs to keep on his toes now!
    They got my vote!

  4. Let’s give Michael Fabricant a hard time, the Green Party candidate Rob Pass will fight hard to keep local services that are been cut, libraries, youth clubs, health centres, assistance for small businesses and community groups and a big no to HS2. Vote for “YOU” and your local community, not some front man for a party in Westminster, make the change happen here and now.

  5. … i guess we can hope that UKIP takes a few votes from him and then if “we” all got behind one candidate, Green or Labour, who knows….. but, this may mean other Parties and their supporters working together…… i understand there is a thing at Speakers Corner at some point?

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