Chris Worsey

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Labour is the only party who can deliver real change for Lichfield and Burntwood residents, their parliamentary candidate Chris Worsey has claimed. The digital entrepreneur revealed he and his team have already had thousands of conversations with local voters ahead of the general election on May 7.
Chris Worsey
The 31-year-old Sandwell councillor also set out why the constituency of Lichfield and Burntwood matters to him. Mr Worsey said: “I have committed 20 months of my life to this seat, working rigorously since I was selected to fight this election back in January 2014. My team and I have knocked on thousands of doors. “We are going for the win on May 7. “I grew up just three miles outside of Lichfield in Great Wyrley – I represented Lichfield Cricket Club all across the district and got to know the area really well.” The Labour candidate also explained what he believes are the main differences between his party and the Conservatives. He said: “4,123 people live in fuel poverty here in Lichfield, over 800 families use the local food bank and under the Tories our national heath service is going backwards. “I still believe that Labour is the best way to get social justice through the political system. All of the major social advancements in this country have been introduced by Labour such as the introduction of the NHS, employment protection and equality law.” The candidates standing in the Lichfield constituency are:
  • Andy Bennetts – Class War
  • Michael Fabricant – Conservatives
  • Robert Pass – Green Party
  • John Rackham – UKIP
  • Paul Ray – Lib Dem
  • Chris Worsey – Labour

Lewis Deakin

NCTJ-trained reporter with experience in a wide variety of journalism settings.

2 replies on “Labour votes will deliver real change, candidate insists”

  1. The only chance voters will have of ditching notsoFabricant would be in a two horse race. Blondie will always have his silver-haired supporters who turn out so the remainder of those who vote need to be galvanised behind an “anyone but the Tories banner”. By having half-decent candidates in the shape of Labour, Green and the Class War bloke all we will get is fragmented vote which doesn’t get near to notsoFabricant and he’ll be elected with an over-inflated majority again.

    If people want rid of notsoFabricant they need a single hill on which to fly their flag rather than lots of little bumps.

    The only other option would be to get a decent local candidate who is likely to have the visibility of notsoFabricant. Look how close Sue Woodward ran him in 1997. What a shame she isn’t running this time round as she’d be sure to give him a closer run than those who have followed her (including that ridiculous Bobby George look-a-like who stood last time) given she has a local profile and people would have the all important trust in her.

    But she isn’t and lots of unknowns are, so we’ll be stuck with another five years of a man who cares more about Wales and Waitrose than he does about Lichfield and Burntwood.

  2. Some valid points by Shooting, but we can’t really complain that we finally have a few decent candidates standing against Mr Fabricant can we?
    I understand that it might well split the opposition votes, but it might also inspire some of the shamefully large number of people who didn’t vote last time to actually put their x next to someone’s name.
    You never know what might happen when you have credible opposition candidates and a high turn out.

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