Miles Trent

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Backing the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a more equal society, the Lichfield City Council candidate for Chadsmead has said. Miles Trent is an investigator at the Criminal Cases Review Commission – a public body that investigates alleged miscarriages of justice. He believes that the coalition government has allowed a ‘liberal’ agenda to flourish across Britain.
Miles Trent
The Liberal Democrat candidate used city and district Councillor Marion Bland as an example of what he claims his party can achieve locally – and added that voters would back the party because they do not want the ‘excesses’ of the two mainstream options. The father of two said: “I’ve been a Liberal Democrat since 2010. My professional background is liberal. I was a human rights lawyer who dealt with asylum seeker cases, and now I’m involved with a public body, which is funded by the Ministry of Justice to investigate alleged miscarriages of justice. “I’m a Liberal Democrat because I believe the party represents everyone and doesn’t agree with this mean spirited politics that says everything is ok as long as the rich are getting richer. “I’m standing because I want to represent the people of Chadsmead as part of the great team we have here already in this ward. “Cllr Bland is a very experienced politician. She talks to voters not just at election time – she produces the focus newsletters that go out all throughout the year to inform residents of developments in Chadsmead. “We’ve made some difficult decisions in coalition, I completely accept that, but people need to remember that without us policies like raising the personal tax allowance to £10,600 would never have happened. “We went into government to introduce our agenda, which is the whole point of politics. Some people believe we should have formed a government with Labour, but together we wouldn’t have had a majority of seats in the House of Commons.” Full list of candidates standing in the Chadsmead ward for Lichfield City Council:
  • Marion Bland – Lib Dem
  • Muriel Boyle – Conservatives
  • David Dundas – Conservatives
  • Zander Greatorex – Conservatives
  • Sonya Johnson – Labour
  • Anne Pitman – Lib Dem
  • Paul Ray – Lib Dem
  • Phil Sutcliffe – Labour
  • Mark Taylor – Labour 
  • Miles Trent – Lib Dem
  • Lesley Warfield – Conservative
  • Caroline Wood – Labour

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