Michael Fabricant

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Victorious MP Michael Fabricant has described the Conservatives victory in the general election as “extraordinary”.
Michael Fabricant
The flamboyant Tory retained his seat with a majority of more than 18,000 over Labour’s Chris Worsey. Although Mr Fabricant had been odds on favourite to retain his seat, he recognised the success of his party across the country as they were able to secure enough seats for a majority government. “The results nationally are extraordinary,” he said. “History will say that 2015 rewrote the political textbooks.” Mr Fabricant also took time out to praise his rivals in Lichfield and Burntwood. He said: “It’s been a long and exciting campaign. “I’d like to thank the other candidates for, on the whole, a pretty fair and decent campaign.” Despite securing an improved majority, the long-serving MP insisted he would not be resting on his laurels. “There are still many issues I need to pursue, including HS2 and heavy trucks driving through the centres of Lichfield, Kings Bromley and Yoxall,” he said. “After a couple of days’ break, I shall return to the work of representing the Lichfield constituency with my usual vim and vigour.”


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3 replies on “Lichfield MP hails “extraordinary” victory for Conservatives”

  1. Well done. Clear victory. Now you have won, perhaps you will meet me for a pint and bring along the report from JRF which shows that inequality is now less in this country than it was 5 years ago.

  2. …and that’s the last we’ll see of him until the next GE.
    Oh, unless there’s a photo-op to be had off the back of other people’s hard work and efforts… or if he’s got himself in hot water off some stupid comment he’s made on Twitter. Must be careful, he might threaten to punch me in the throat if I go on…

  3. If an MP this detached from local people can be voted in with a majority that exceeds all the other candidates combined then you may as well stay in London, drink your wine and hob-nob around Primrose Hill like you do.

    The greys seem to value a nice picture in the paper than actually tackling local issues. And no, a truck pranging the wall of a graveyard isn’t a serious issue.

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