Michael Fabricant

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Michael Fabricant believes the Conservative Party have ‘ripped up’ the political rule book in Lichfield and Burntwood and across the country.
Michael Fabricant
Mr Fabricant, 64, retained his seat with 28,389 votes – an increase of 500 on his majority at the May 2010 general election. The Conservative MP’s nearest challenger was Labour’s Chris Worsey who finished second with 10,200 votes on a turn out of 62.7 per cent. The former Tory vice-chairman revealed he had told Prime Minister David Cameron before the election of a complete ‘sea change’ in people’s voting intentions. The Prime Minister will now form the first Conservative majority government since 1992. Mr Cameron is only the second Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher to increase his party’s vote share while in government. He said: “I told David a couple of days before the general election that I could feel a change in people’s voting intentions. “I’ve actually increased my majority from 2010 – I love this constituency and I feel the people like me as well. “Ultimately here and across the country, the electorate has been the judge. “This election has torn up the political rule book and will change the UK’s relationship with Scotland.” The Conservative MP added that he would continue to fight for his constituents over a range of issues. He said: “I receive over 400 letters and emails a week – that’s what you have to deal with as an MP. “But I will continue to work hard for my constituents over major issues like HS2 and HGVs cutting through Lichfield’s roads.”
Chris Worsey
Mr Worsey believes his party fought a solid campaign in Lichfield and Burntwood. The Sandwell Councillor finished higher than Labour’s Steve Hyden who came third in 2010 with 10,230 votes. He added: “We’ve worked hard, and run a well organised campaign. “We’ve knocked on thousands of doors across Lichfield and Burntwood – we wouldn’t have done anything differently.”
John Rackham
UKIP’s John Rackham finished third in the parliamentary election with 8,082 votes. The owner of the Kings Head pub said: “I would like to thank the people in Lichfield and Burntwood who voted for us – you have encouraged us to keep fighting to deliver real change here.”
Paul Ray
Liberal Democrat Paul Ray finished fourth with 2,700 votes. At the May 2010 general election the Liberal Democrats Ian Jackson came second with 10,365 votes. The Green parliamentary candidate Robert Pass believes his party offered voters a real choice.
Robert Pass
Mr Pass who was the Green Party’s first parliamentary candidate in Lichfield since 1990 finished in fifth place with 1,976 votes. He added that this was just the beginning for the Greens in Lichfield and Burntwood. Mr Pass said: “I’m pleased with how the campaign has gone considering we’re only a small group of people. “We’ve got across the key issues that haven’t been mentioned by the other parties during this election, such as climate change, inequality and social justice.
Andy Bennetts
“We’ve made an impact, and this is only the beginning for Lichfield and Burntwood Greens.” Class War’s Andy Bennetts who finished last with 120 votes said: “I’m glad this pantomime parliamentary election is finally over. “The 120 people who cast their ballots completely missed the point of my message which was not to vote, but to organise and protest.”

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