Michael Fabricant

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Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has been revealed as a national newspapers ‘secret candidate’.
Michael Fabricant
The Independent has run a series of articles offering a behind-the-scenes look at life on the campaign trail. And the area’s Conservative MP – who retained his seat with a majority of more than 18,000 has been unmasked as the mystery man. In his latest article for the newspaper, the now not-so-secret candidate said: ” I have written these articles because with around 50 million people entitled to vote, but with only 650 constituencies, I thought you might be interested to gain an insight into the life of a secret candidate. “But now, I have decided to ‘out’ myself.”


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5 replies on “Lichfield MP unmasked as newspaper’s ‘secret candidate’”

  1. No surprise that Fabricant continues his campaign-long policy of showing contempt for his fellow candidates in his latest article.

    “But has the young Green candidate’s zeal for growing turnips caught the imagination?” he writes, discussing his worries on election night.

    Cheap, nasty and inaccurate, his comment insults both Robert Pass, the Green Party candidate, who fought a passionate campaign which clearly demonstrated the breadth and viability of his party’s policies and the 1,976 Lichfield constituents who opposed Mr Fabricant and voted Green.

    Our local community, our country and our planet face grave threats that require a new kind of political engagement. Is this childishness the kind of response we can expect from Michael Fabricant over the next five years?

  2. What an appallingly self-satisfied and self-serving article. I agree with Simon: this man looks after number 1 and shows contempt for anyone who is not Tory. His constituency has changed over the years making it safer; it is not through his own efforts. When he was elected to the former Mid Staffs constituency in 1992, his widely reported comment was that he was not interested in Rugeley as electors there didn’t vote for him. Says it all.

    I am grateful too to Robert Pass and Andy Bennetts, as well as Chris Worsey too of course for whom I was Agent, for conducting themselves in an utterly decent and inclusive way. It has been hard work but fun too. As Andy said at the beginning of the campaign, it was a foregone conclusion and that will continue to be a challenge for all of is interested in progressive politics. Onwards and upwards.

  3. Sadly Mr.Fabricant is just an attention seeking lightweight politician, who gets his ‘kicks’ from being rude to opponents. As he cannot answer intelligently their arguments, I would have thought that by now the Lichfield & Burntwood public would have seen through his facade. This election result looks as if most voters are complacent, so happy to remain in the past with the Tories, who are taking advantage of us who have to live modest lives.

  4. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Fabbo is never going to engage in the kind of debate that should characterise electoral politics because he has everything to lose by it and nothing to gain. His approach is the right one for the game. No one else was ever going to win in Lichfield unless he lost.

    If we’re going to see an effective opposition to Tory policy both locally and nationally we’re going to have to create one. Not by playing the game we can’t win but by organising ourselves around our own priorities and our own fights on our terms. From the NHS and the welfare state to human rights and fox hunting. We will gain what we fight for and keep what we defend. The ballot box has given 100% of the power to a party that got the support of 24% of the electorate. Yet again the biggest single group are those of us that see nothing on offer on a ballot paper at all. We don’t get another opportunity to play a rigged game for 5 years.

    It’s argued that this would change under a PR system, that votes would count. This might be true but we don’t have PR, we have FPTP and I don’t see calling on the people who have power because of it to give it up as likely to succeed.

    What we do have is each other and I believe that can be more than enough.

  5. He’s predictably gone into uber-arrogance mode now with his safe seat in tact and his party enjoying a majority, albeit a slender one.
    But he’s written these articles for himself and his Twitter followers, who he is once again smarming all over on social media.
    It will be interesting to keep a Fabwatch over the next few years to see how much he genuinely and actively engages with his constituents, not just the party faithful and activists but every single one of us.

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