The Green Party's Fiona Gomez, Anne Critchley, Rob Pass, Mat Hayward, Simon Partridge and Linda Jones
The Green Party insist they are here to stay in Lichfield and Burntwood. Candidate Robert Pass came fifth in the poll after collecting 1,976 votes – just 724 behind the fourth-placed Lib Dems. The result was seen as a positive one, coming just six months after the first meeting of the Green Party in Lichfield and Burntwood.
The Green Party’s Fiona Gomez, Anne Critchley, Rob Pass, Mat Hayward, Simon Partridge and Linda Jones
And Mr Pass says the local activists have already sewn the seeds of a positive political future. “Thank you to everyone who put their faith in the Lichfield and Burntwood Greens,” he said. “We are a true grass roots local party and we’ve announced our arrival. The Green Party say they are also likely to target seats on Lichfield District Council in future too. Mat Hayward stood in the local elections this time round, picking up 635 votes in the Stowe ward which was eventually won by Conservative trio Colin Greatorex, David Smedley and Jon O’Hagan, while Eddie Jones stood in the Fazeley ward, picking up around 5% of votes. A party spokesman said: “Fifth place for Robert Pass and nearly 4% of the votes is not bad for an election campaign put together from scratch in under six months on the most meagre of budgets. “And 8% of the votes for Mat Hayward is another great foundation to build on. “Thanks to everyone who voted and to those who have worked so hard getting us this far. “This is just the beginning of an awfully big adventure.”


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  1. Rob’s campaign in Lichfield & Burntwood, as well as his commitment to the area makes him a really strong candidate for the future. If there were any Green candidates in my ward for the District or City elections, they would have also received my vote as I firmly believe the Greens are the party with Lichfield’s best interests at the heart of their campaign.

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