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A UKIP spokesman has praised rival political candidates in Lichfield and Burntwood for not turning the election campaign into a slanging match. John Rackham picked up 8,082 votes in the parliamentary election to claim third place behind Conservative winner Michael Fabricant and Labour’s Chris Worsey. Although the party has proved controversial in some parts of the country, a UKIP spokesman said they were pleased to be given a level playing field in Lichfield and Burntwood. And he said they would look to build on their results next time the country goes to the polls. “I would like to thank all the other parties and their members for the conduct they have displayed during the election campaign,” the spokesman said. “It hasn’t turned into a personal slanging match, as can so often be the case in these affairs . “Congratulations to Michael Fabricant and the Conservative party on retaining the seat in the Lichfield constituency and keeping Labour out. Be warned though, Michael – we will be close on your heels next time around.” The party were also quick to praise their own candidate after he almost trebled the number of votes UKIP picked up in Lichfield and Burntwood at the 2010 general election. “John Rackham has conducted himself with dignity and unfaltering enthusiasm throughout,” the spokesman added. “Without him, none of what we as a branch have achieved would have been possible.”


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