Celia Collis

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The Conservatives will take the people of Lichfield and Burntwood back to the 1930s following their shock election victory, claims a Labour Party activist. Celia Collis believes the Tories will privatise the NHS, reduce employment rights and hurt the most vulnerable in British society. Prime Minister David Cameron will form the first majority Conservative government since 1992. However, the Tories have a majority of only 12, and Mrs Collis believes they are vulnerable without the Liberal Democrats. Locally, their MP Michael Fabricant was re-elected to parliament with a huge 55.2 per cent of the vote, while Labour were reduced to just four councillors on Lichfield District Council.
Celia Collis
But Mrs Collis believes the party will come back stronger and better than ever in the years ahead. The former nurse said: “With this result, I feel sorry for the people who are going to see their health service sold off to the private sector, their employment rights weakened and their public services decimated by heartless Tories. That’s why I’ve always been a trade unionist, because you need someone to stand up for the workers. “The Conservatives want to take the country back to before World War Two where people couldn’t afford health care or to take a paid holiday. “To give you one example of health care before the NHS was introduced by the Labour Party, my auntie in the 1930s hurt herself and my grandmother just couldn’t figure out whether it was a sprain or broken ankle. “They couldn’t seek medical attention as my grandmother didn’t have the half-a-crown needed to see the doctor. The Tories just leave the poor to sort themselves out. “The only good to come out of this result is that the Conservatives will no longer have the Liberal Democrats to hide behind – Conservative politicians will have to take the blame for everything they do during the next parliament. “Tories have never believed in a compassionate caring society, I know that because I’ve lived under Conservative governments in the past. In fact it was former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who said there was no such thing as society – that tells people everything they need to know about Conservatives. “We’re obviously disappointed by the result because you take part in elections to win. We were really surprised by the number of seats that went to the Tories. But we’re not dispirited by the result – myself and other Labour activists will lead the fight back.” Mrs Collis believes the party must reflect on their election defeat – and then use all of its resources in reaching out to people. The Labour Party activist believes defeated parliamentary candidate Chris Worsey and her colleagues couldn’t have worked any harder. Turnout across Lichfield and Burntwood fell by 10 per cent, which Mrs Collis said is “disappointing”. She added: “Obviously we would like to reach out to all areas of Lichfield and Burntwood, and we will be holding a meeting soon to discuss the best way to move forward. “Chris is a good guy. He believes passionately in Labour values and Chris, myself and other Labour activists couldn’t have worked any harder to try and deliver victory for the people here. “I am always disappointed when people don’t vote – I don’t understand why they’re not more interested in the issues or their local communities. “I am a democrat I believe passionately in the power of voting and honouring the people who fought for us all to have the right to choice our elected representatives.”

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One reply on “Tories will take Lichfield and Burntwood back to the 1930s, Labour activist warns”

  1. By my estimation somewhere in the region of 40% of the electorate of Burntwood didn’t vote at the election.

    This is in an area of the constituency where Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has frequently been accused of ignoring the town, failing to support the case for a new health centre, failing to speak up against closure of child care facilities, failing to hold MP surgeries, failing to put in an appearance locally save at election time – the list goes on. Your MP doesn’t care about your town – this has been the message that local Labour party councillors and activists have been preaching for years.

    Yet come the election 40% of the population can’t be motivated to get off their backsides and go to vote. There may be many reasons for this, some may think that Michael Fabricant is doing a good job, others may think that Labour has failed to offer any genuine alternatives, but for the most part it’s because they can’t be bothered – unless there’s an issue that directly affects me or mine then I’m not interested.

    Andy Bennetts, the star candidate for Class War has another explanation. Claiming the 10% drop in turnout across Lichfield and Burntwood was a success for Class War’s campaign not to vote, voting is a waste of time. But CW’s campaign goes further than just not voting, they call for communities to rise up, to organise, to unite and fight for the issues that they are passionate about. Rousing words.

    Well good luck with that then. If the people of Burntwood (and Lichfield for that matter) can’t be bothered to take the simple step of voting to oust a MP who is perceived of offering nothing to their community, then it’s unlikely that Andy Bennetts will find them in a queue for the next train to Faslane naval base any time soon.

    Pass me the remote will you love…

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