UKIP councillor John Mills
UKIP’s result in Fazeley was a real shock for the two main parties, according to new Lichfield District Councillor John Mills. He was elected with 713 votes alongside Conservative candidate Olivia Joy Shepherd.
UKIP councillor John Mills
And as the UKIP councillor prepares to attend his first meeting at Lichfield District Council this evening, he revealed how the party’s controversial leader Nigel Farage had inspired him to become involved in local politics. Cllr Mills added that his priority is to represent the issues and concerns of the people of Fazeley. He said: “I’m delighted to have been elected to serve the people of Fazeley. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. “I was surprised that I managed to see off the might of the Conservative and Labour big boys, but I stood to give the residents of Fazeley the choice to vote UKIP. “I’ve attended a council induction meeting with all of the other elected representatives, and we have a couple of other training days coming up. “I’m not a political animal. I became interested in politics only a few years ago, before that I always voted for the best of what was a bad bunch. But I’m sure I’ll find my feet soon enough. “UKIP leader Nigel Farage inspired me to get involved in politics – I feel the man speaks my language, and that UKIP’s policies are just common sense.” Mr Mills also explained what difficulties he had faced during the election campaign. He believes that the Lichfield and Burntwood UKIP branch must become better organised over the next five years. But the UKIP politician stressed that the branch has limited financial resources. He said: “I ended up paying for my own election leaflets as the party structure isn’t in place in Fazeley. “I phoned up the branch to find out why there wasn’t a UKIP candidate standing for Fazeley and that is when I was asked to stand for the party. “But people must remember that the Lichfield and Burntwood UKIP branch is run by a small group of dedicated individuals.”

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  1. Well if he is going to take the lead from Staffordshire’s only UKIP councillor he’ll stay silent on all important matters and not turn up for meetings.I can’t believe he’ll be that bad though.

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