Bins with the Lichfield District Council and Tamworth Borough Council logos on

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Taxpayers in Lichfield and Burntwood will only get value for money if local councils continue to share services, the leader of Lichfield District Council has said.
Bins with the Lichfield District Council and Tamworth Borough Council logos on
The local authority already has agreements over combined services in areas such as refuse collections. But Cllr Mike Wilcox believes more crossovers are needed if the council is to cope with continued cuts to funding from Government. “We have to continue our dialogue with all authorities, particularly Tamworth, to see what else we can do to share resources,” he said. “We’ve got to do the same with Burntwood – and for Burntwood we need to look at neighbouring authorities like Cannock to see what can we do collectively to make savings.
Cllr Mike Wilcox
“There are still £1.3million of savings for us to find – and the Government will no doubt announce further reductions for us. “We’ve only got so many areas we can get income from so we need to look at pooling our resources and look to make savings through economies of scale.” The Conservatives now control Lichfield District Council, Lichfield City Council and Burntwood Town Council. Cllr Wilcox believes a unified front will allow for more joined-up thinking between the different authorities. “We’re keen to engage with both Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield City Council,” he said. “We’ll do that early doors to find out what’s on their agenda and work out how we can help them achieve their goals long term. “It’s about making sure that we do what we can to make both Burntwood and Lichfield better places for people to live and work.”


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3 replies on “Call for more shared council services for Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. Lichfield City Council/ Burntwood Town Council
    Lichfield District Council
    Staffordshire County Council

    Unitary Authority will cut out duplication and save resources.

  2. Can understand the logic of pooling resources but the danger lies in equality of services and funding across a large area. Even a small council like Lichfield has already banished Burntwood to the back of its mind and awarded it the status of a sleepy backwater town only visited on high days and holidays. Imagine the thin end of the wedge we would get if we became part of a bigger food chain run from Stoke, Stafford or Birmingham?

    Heaven forbid, even Lichfield might find that it isn’t as highly regarded as its own powermakers think it is.

  3. Why don’t they merge Lichfield City Council with the District Council? Seems a waste running two separate buildings.
    I feel sorry for Burntwood as it’s often overlooked by Lichfield DC. Perhaps it would be better off joining Cannock Chase?

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