Robert Pass. Pic: Lichfield and Burntwood Green Party

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The Green Party’s former parliamentary candidate for Lichfield and Burntwood has criticised the area’s MP for branding him “childish”. Conservative Michael Fabricant had accused the Green Party of trolling him on social media. He told LichfieldLive: “During the election and now, after the election is all over, the local Green candidate was demanding simplistic answers to complex questions in a 140 character tweet. “This is clearly nonsense and somewhat childish.”
The Green Party’s 2015 general election candidate Robert Pass
But Robert Pass, who finished fifth at the election, accused the Conservative MP of double standards. He said: “Michael Fabricant has said that the tweets from the Lichfield Green Party account were from me, when I am not at all involved with the media side of things. I have actually only just come back from a short break. “But it’s ridiculous of Michael to call me ‘childish’ when he was the one who on four occasions re-tweeted a piece from the FiveSpiresLive site saying I was going to turn Lichfield into the first Amish city in Britain. “He even said I have a passion for growing turnips, so if anyone is being childish it is him!” Mr Fabricant said he was prepared to discuss issues with the Greens if they were made via appropriate channels. “I have already said face to face to Robert Pass – who lost his deposit in the general election – that I am happy to meet him to discuss matters that concern him and he can always write to me like any other constituent.”


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One reply on “Green Party candidate blasts Tory MP’s “ridiculous” comments”

  1. Sounds like M. Fabricant feels threatened by our reasonable,decent Green candidate( Robert Pass),so he resorts to personal insults. M. Fabricant is obviously the old fashioned aggressive type who believes attack is the best method of defense! This chauvinistic attitude has created wars & conflicts throughout history, it is time we had a decent Government that is prepared to listen to the needy & willing to talk & negotiate peacefully.

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