A motion calling for Lichfield City Council to join the debate over the future of the archive service has been passed.

Local history expert Kate Gomez – who is behind the popular Lichfield Lore website – proposed the motion at a meeting last week.

She wants to see the city council ensuring Staffordshire County Council’s plans for archive services are aligned with its own.

Kate’s motion – which was passed with only one vote against – said:

The meeting believes that Lichfield City Council should encourage the County Council to explore the wider benefits of aligning plans for the archive service with other initiatives of a local historical nature. The meeting believes the County Council can improve its HLF funding bid and encourage community support by closely aligning its proposals for the archive service with broader strategic objectives (as set out in the District’s Local Plan and the emerging Neighbourhood Plan).

An addition was then made by Cllr Anthony Thompson:

In particular we would like to see the Library and Records Office retained on the current site.

Kate said her proposal had been designed to get a “broader cross-section of the public” into the debate about the future of the Lichfield Record Office.

She added: “I proposed the motion to highlight the need for joined up thinking between the city council and the county council so that future plans for the archive and heritage service complement existing local initiatives, such as promoting the cathedral and other historical attractions like the museum at St Mary’s, the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and Erasmus Darwin House.

“I believe it gives Lichfield City Council an opportunity to suggest ways in which the county’s proposals can be aligned with city and district council plans to encourage tourism and thereby support city centre commerce and job creation.”

A spokesperson for the Friends of Lichfield Archive and Heritage said: “Involving the city and district councils would demonstrate a commitment to the values expressed in the archive service’s newly adopted vision statement.”


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.