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UKIP councillor’s legal threat to ‘malicious’ Burntwood critics

A UKIP county councillor has threatened his “malicious” critics in Lichfield and Burntwood with legal action.

Jeff Sheriff took the Burntwood South seat on Staffordshire County Council in 2013 with 843 votes.

But since his election the UKIP representative has been subject to what he says are incorrect accusations that he has not represented his residents adequately.

Figures from Staffordshire County Council revealed that in the past 12 months he has attended five of the 13 meetings he could have.

Cllr Jeff Sheriff

Cllr Jeff Sheriff

But Cllr Sheriff has said claims made about him are completely untrue and are “politically motivated” and said residents should ignore them.

The former IT consultant said: “Comments have been made via social media, online and through other media regarding my work at Staffordshire County Council.

“They are politically motivated and malicious, suggesting that ‘I’m not working for the residents of my division’ and ‘cannot be contacted’. They are all unfounded and by definition libellous.

“I’ve successfully represented myself in court in the past and, if necessary, will do so again.”

Cllr Sheriff claimed his role meant his focus needed to be across a wider area than just Burntwood.

“As a county councillor, I’ve responsibilities which are county-wide, not simply restricted to my area,” he said. “For example, I was a member of the Fire Authority for over a year before the UK government reduced representation on fire authorities. I’m also a member of three other committees, notably planning and the corporate parenting panel.

“Suggesting that I do nothing for the people of Burntwood South is absurd.

“Shortly after my election as a councillor I was contacted by a woman who said a tree in a nearby school playground had blown down and was half in her garden. I went to see her the same evening and the tree was removed the following day.”

Cllr Sheriff believes his residents should judge his actions when he faces re-election in 2017.

He insists that he has a good local reputation and that he’s known as a man who gets things done.

The UKIP representative continued: “I’ve received calls and emails from local residents I’ve helped, thanking me for my efforts.

“One gentleman rang me to say that he was given my name ‘as someone who gets things done’.

“Another example is last year, at the request of a cabinet member, I co-ordinated a group of councillors and other interested parties with the object of helping Burntwood Community First Responders replace their aged ambulance.

“This campaign was very successful, but not all down to my efforts, of course. I was subsequently invited to the unveiling ceremony of a brand new fully-fitted Skoda 4×4.”

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  1. Andy Bennetts

    27th May, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Man holding political office thinks that criticisms of him are politically motivated? You’re a bright spark Sherlock.

  2. El Scholar

    27th May, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    What a hero. Schools are notorious for leaving trees blown over all over the place, but this guy sorted it, no messing.

  3. Steven Norman

    27th May, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Staffordshire’s only UKIP County Councillor Jeff Sheriff (of Hammerwich Parish) seems a bit sensitive to me.
    Great news about a tree but what about Chasewater Country Park? Perhaps he can tell us when he last attended a County Council arranged meeting called to discuss the future of Chasewater? There’s been a few! What about meetings regarding the proposed closure of Springhill Children’s Centre?
    Perhaps he can list what action he has taken or at least spoken about at any County Council meeting on any of the following:
    The proposed closure of Bracken House Care Home?
    The actual closure of Burntwood Youth Centre (and continued vandalism of the empty building)?
    What about the closures of the Oakdene Day Centre or the Skills Centre?
    The UKIP 2014 Local Government Manifesto claimed that UKIP councillors had the best attendance of all political parties. Isn’t he letting the side down by his lack of show these last 12 months when all the above are in his Division?
    Perhaps he can tell us when he spoke up for his Burntwood South residents at a full County Council meeting so we can watch the webcast. I know he spoke to support the Conservative Budget in February this year because he had to say “Yes” under government imposed rules. Is that really the only word he has spoken at a meeting of the County Council? I hope Lichfield Live will encourage him to put the record straight – although I do have more time now to keep an eye on him

  4. The Speaker

    28th May, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    I’m still a little confused.
    He only managed to attend 5 of 13 meetings he could have in the past 12 months.
    What about the other 8?
    Was he too busy with tumbling trees or the other committees he’s a member of to attend these 8? Or do the 8 include meetings of these committees.

    For the record, those questions are politically motivated.

  5. Steven Norman

    6th June, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Isn’t County Councillor Sheriff going to defend his record and tell us what he’s done for Burntwood South Division (and I don’t mean giving taxpayers money back to them)?