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A former firefighter is set to receive a commendation after helping to save an elderly couple from a house fire. Jamie Davey was walking past a house on High Street in Chase Terrace in March when he heard smoke alarms going off. While waiting for crews to turn up, Jamie – who was a retained firefighter at the time – persuaded a woman to leave before carrying her husband out of the building. Chief Fire Office Peter Dartford said: “Jamie’s quick thinking that day quite possibly saved this couple’s life. “Understandably, they became panicked when they realised there was a fire and as their mobility was limited, they found it very difficult to escape the situation. “By sheer coincidence and good luck, Jamie was walking past the property and phoned immediately to call for back-up. He bravely entered the house and led the lady to safety before carrying her husband out. “The couple suffered smoke inhalation but without Jamie’s intervention, the consequences could have been far more serious. His actions are extremely commendable and I am delighted to award him a Certificate of Congratulations.” Jamie will receive his award at Chase Terrace Fire Station on Tuesday (June 2).


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