Protesters on the roof of UAV Engines in Shenstone
Protesters on the roof of UAV Engines in Shenstone

Activists intend to “shut down” a Shenstone factory they claim makes parts for drones.

Protesters took to the roof of the UAV Engines site in August.

And now a new day of action is planned for July 6.

Protesters on the roof of UAV Engines in Shenstone

Campaigners say their protests are because the factory makes engines for drones used by Israel to bomb Palestinians.

A spokesperson said: “We will be transforming the space around the arms factory, converting it from a site of destruction into a fun, creative and child-friendly environment. Let’s create a space that meets our needs and not the needs of Israeli and multinational corporations that export death for profit.”

The activists say the protest will coincide with the anniversary of Israel’s ‘Protective Edge’ campaign in Gaza.

Among the groups due to take part in the day of action are:

  • The Boycott Israel Network
  • NUS Black Students’ Campaign
  • West Midlands PSC
  • Drone Campaign Network
  • Coventry Friends of Palestine
  • Smash EDO
  • Manchester Palestine Action
  • Glasgow Palestine Action
  • Campaign Against Arms Trade
  • Stop The Arms Fair coalition
  • War on Want
  • London Palestine Action


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  1. Impressive bunch of Trots listed there.
    Funny how they have so much time on their hands.
    They’re more likely to transform the space into an unemployment zone, so at least they’ll feel at home.

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