A Jaguar XF similar to the model currently used by Lichfield District Council's chairman
A Lichfield District Councillor has accused the Labour Party of “attention seeking” behavior over their criticism of the council’s civic budget and chairman’s chauffeur-driven car.
A Jaguar XF similar to the model currently used by Lichfield District Council’s chairman
The local authority’s bill for its civic functions is more than £50,000 per year. The issue of the money has become a hot topic since discussion began over the £16,000 due to be spent on the Jaguar XF.
Cllr Joseph Powell
Conservative representative for Little Aston and Stonnall, Cllr Joseph Powell, believes the opposition is just trying to remain “relevant” in the eyes of local residents. “Labour have made comments about the chairman’s car and civic budget just to make a few waves,” he said. “The party are still feeling sorry for themselves after losing seats at the election.” Cllr Eric Drinkwater, Labour representative for Chase Terrace, had previously said any suggestion that the car was about civic pride was incorrect: “It’s not about being the face of the district at all – no, it’s all about personal prestige for those who have the roles. “At a time of austerity, to keep thinking we can get away with spending so much on civic tradition is just crazy.” And Cllr Sue Woodward, Labour opposition group leader, believes Cllr Powell has shown “contempt” for Lichfield and Burntwood residents who didn’t vote Conservative last month. She insists her party have accepted the election result and that they’re now focused on holding the ruling Tory group to account. She said: “These are ludicrous and arrogant remarks. “Once again, Cllr Powell opens his mouth and puts his foot in it. He seems to be making a bit of a habit of this given his recent comments on the civic car.
Cllr Sue Woodward
“He’s showing contempt for those electors who voted anything but Conservative, which is the majority of course. “We’re committed as a group to being as effective and responsible an opposition as we can be and this is appreciated by many of his colleagues. We accept the hand we’ve been dealt and Cllr Powell should too, rather than making attention-seeking statements of his own. “He perhaps ought to start doing the job he’s paid to do as chairman of the Employment Committee a bit more conscientiously. Several months ago, I asked Cllr Powell to consider widening the remit of his committee from just rubber-stamping redundancies, to take in wider employment issues such as health and safety, staff morale in the current climate and so on. “However, after just voting for an increase in the allowance he’s paid, Cllr Powell’s answer at the last council meeting shows he has done nothing of the sort. In my opinion that is hardly good value for council taxpayers’ money.”

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5 replies on “Labour accused of “attention seeking” over Lichfield District Council chairman’s car”

  1. How gracious of councillor Woodward to “accept” the election result.
    The alternative of “unacceptance” would make interesting reading.

    “He’s showing contempt for those electors who voted anything but Conservative, which is the majority of course.”

    And those who voted anything but Labour are……….?

    Ludicrous and arrogant you say!

  2. I can assure Councillor Powell that as the electorate we expect, even demand, the few Labour party representatives on the Council to hold the Conservative majority to account over everything that goes on in your council chamber and your contemptuous and insidious remarks just shows why they need to. If they didn’t bring to light all the little things you get up to, then how would the electorate know, because we can trust that you wouldn’t be forthright with this information. Stop gloating on your victory and instead do your job as you was elected to do.

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