The remit of Lichfield District Council’s employment committee has been widened, its chairman has revealed. Eleven elected representatives currently sit on the committee. Labour opposition group leader Sue Woodward had called on its chairman Cllr Joseph Powell to tackle a broader range of employment issues.
Cllr Joseph Powell
She said: “I asked for the remit of his committee to be widened from just rubber-stamping redundancies, to take in wider employment issues such as health and safety, staff morale in the current climate and so on.” Cllr Powell insisted that issues were being tackled but warned that the group could not just make changes on a whim. He said: “We’ve a meeting coming up in the council building on Frog Lane that is open to the public. The meeting will start from 6pm. Council officials and health and safety representatives will also be in attendance. “As a committee we can make recommendations that go to Cabinet, and if they’re accepted then they become a part of the authority’s constitution. “But you can only make changes through the system. As an elected politician you can’t just stick your hand up and change things.” The employment committee at Lichfield District Council meets tonight (July 15) at 6pm.

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4 replies on “Committee chairman insists employment issues are being tackled”

  1. This is anything but a “whim”. Cllr Powell has now had 6 months since I first raised this to come up with proposals to look at the remit of the Employment Committee so that it is more than just an Unemployment Committee. What’s keeping him? He’s the Chairman and gets a (now increased) allowance to taking on this role so what is he doing to earn it?

  2. Hot off the press: there was an Employment Committee meeting tonight and only 5 out of 11 members in attendance. What on earth is happening her? Especially after Cllr Di Evans highlighted the issue of poor attendance last night. Feel sorry for those new members (some of whom I’ve been pretty impressed with so far – hope they dig in there) who are really engaging with Council work, only to see others content to continue as passengers. Unacceptable. When electors go to the polls, they expect their elected representatives to at least turn up to represent their views.

  3. only 5 attendees?? less than 50% of councillors on this committee fulfilling their commitment to their electorate. How many attend the main council meetings? Is it the same percentage? The electorate need to be see the % attendance of their councillors at such meetings. Do we get value for money? what does the Leader of the Council do about the non-attenders? And I thought Cllr Powell commented that the council should be run on business lines – my business would not tolerate less than 50% attendance from its employees. Let’s see some action from you on this problem Cllr Powell. or is the Cllr Wilcox content to authorise higher allowances and allow poor attendance – what comment , sir?

  4. Do I assume from their silence that Councillors Wilcox and Powell are happy that less than 50% of committee members attend important meetings. Do our Councillors really know what is going on in the real world? Give me some hope that LDC is good hands, please!

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